‘Supernatural’ Fans Get Ready – Jared Padalecki Wants To Play Nightwing

Nightwing is one of the characters that DC Comics fans want to see brought to life the most, and there was hope at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. It never ended up happening, but that’s not to say that it won’t come about one day. Well, that “one day” may be closer than we think as Jared Padalecki of the hit show Supernatural has expressed an interest in playing Dick Grayson on film.

In a recent poll by Comicbook, Joseph Gordon-Levitt won the fan vote to play the role of Nightwing one day in a movie. Oddly enough, there was another choice actually voicing his interest in playing the part if ever given the chance.

Daniel Falconer of Screen Rant actually reached out to Jared Padalecki to ask the Supernatural star if he would ever want to step into the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Interestingly enough, the star responded back with a not-so-subtle response.

Of course, that sent the Internet into a wild frenzy as people started to campaign for him to take on the role. The thing is, a number of actors would be perfect and have even expressed interest in playing Nightwing, but the movie needs to be written first.

Padalecki is 34-years-old and that seems to partner well with the “aged” look of Ben Affleck’s Batman. The only thing is, once again, the movie or the role of Nightwing needs to be created by Warner Bros. and written in.

Next up in the DCEU is Justice League which is set for release later this year, but there will be movies for Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Superman over the coming years. There is a very good chance that Nightwing could be written into The Batman as the script isn’t yet done, but it is having enough problems on its own.

Looking back at The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the role of John Blake, but there was much more to his character. At the end of the film, he revealed his birth name to be “Robin” and he was also given directions to the Bat Cave by none other than a thought-to-be-dead Bruce Wayne.

supernatural jared padalecki nightwing movie dick grayson

Everyone thought this would lead to him taking control from a semi-retired Batman, but this was the end of the Christopher Nolan trilogy. From there, things moved in a different direction with Ben Affleck becoming Batman and the Nightwing/Robin tease being thrown out.

Nolan even told Den Of Geek that the ending of The Dark Knight Rises was the end of the Batman story as he wanted to tell it. So, no matter what, the tease was all that anyone was going to get. Per Batman-News, JGL says that he was never meant to take over as Robin or Nightwing, but the movie was just set to end.

In the DCEU, there is so much promise and so much to come as it is kind of just beginning while Marvel has been going strong for years. That leaves a lot of doors open and Nightwing could come through one of them if the voices of the fans are heard.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jared Padalecki has a cult following like hardly any other TV show stars around the world. Supernatural is huge and seems as if it always will be as long as The CW allows it to keep going. Fans want to see Nightwing brought to life on the big screen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would have been great in the role, but seeing as how Padalecki has expressed his interest in being Dick Grayson…why not give him the chance?

[Featured Image by The CW Network]