Christina Grimmie: ’48 Hours’–Kevin Loibl’s Tragic Celebrity Stalking Murder

The tragic death of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie and the deranged stalker who took her life will be profiled on tonight’s episode of 48 Hours on CBS. How could anyone forget the news that 22-year-old Christina Grimmie had been shot down by a stalker she never knew she had? Authorities say Kevin Loibl targeted and shot the talented singer dead as she reached out to hug him. On 48 Hours’ episode titled “Stalked,” friends of Christina Grimmie will talk about her fame and her sudden murder. Along with Christina Grimmie’s story, viewers will hear about other stalking tales involving celebrity actress Sandra Bullock and NCIS star Pauley Perrette.


Autograph Meet And Greet Signing Turns Tragic For Rising Star

911 operators received a frantic call from concert-goers that singer Christina Grimmie had been shot by a strange man who was waiting to get an autograph signed. The killer, who later killed himself, was identified as 27-year-old Kevin Loibl. When police arrived at the Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida, they found Grimmie lying in a pool of blood. She had been shot several times, an autopsy report later confirmed.

One woman who was standing directly behind the attacker witnessed it all. Destiny Rivera told People the following.

“I was talking to the girls behind us and there was a guy directly in line in front of us who I could’ve very easily started a conversation with.But I didn’t, he just didn’t look like he was up for a conversation. He did look a little bit nervous, but he was by himself and he was dressed as any other concertgoer. He didn’t seem up for a conversation whatsoever, and he was kinda – he just kept looking around and was moving his body. He also looked like he wanted to be by himself.”

Orlando investigators learned that Kevin Loibl had a sick obsession with Christina Grimmie and had convinced himself that he was her lover. People who knew the Best Buy worker said that they believe that he was set off after seeing some photos of Grimmie and a music producer together.

A background check of Kevin Loibl showed that he had a history of stalking and other violent offenses. It is alleged that Loibl was a mentally unstable man who hated light so much that he often covered his car windows with aluminum foil and his bedroom windows with heavy curtains, records show.

The attack on Christina Grimmie was well-thought out and planned. Onlookers say that Grimmie had reached out her arms to hug Loibl when he suddenly shot her, CNN reported.

Police say that Christina Grimmie was not the only celebrity that Loibl had targeted. He also stalked Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and had also targeted members of the Kardashian clan.


Her death impacted the music community and devoted fans, who say that her voice was like an angel. Christina Grimmie was well-known in the YouTube internet singing world before trying out for The Voice. When she was selected to appear, her rendition of “Wrecking Ball” blew away The Voice judges Usher and Shakira. Justin Bieber even collapsed on stage as he sang an emotional tribute in honor of Grimmie after her death.

In addition to Christina Grimmie’s story, 48 Hours will review Sandra Bullock’s 911 call to police regarding a stalker who had broken into her home. The case of a non-celebrity woman, who was senselessly stalked by a man she previously dated will also be profiled.


In the videos below, watch the moment that Christina Grimmie’s mother cried tears of joy after listening to her daughter sing and the judges’ reaction to her voice. Watching that moment is terribly sad as one is confronted with the realization that she’ll never be singing again.

Watch Christina Grimmie’s story tonight on 48 Hours. Check your local listings for exact times.

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