Donald Trump Impeachment Resolution Approved As NSA Analyst Refutes Deep State

The possibility of a Donald Trump impeachment has become an everyday topic of conversation in news outlets, at the water cooler, and certainly across all social media platforms. While it is anything but a certainty at this point in history, it also is not just an idea anymore. MSN reports from the wires that The Independent reports that a California city council has unanimously approved a resolution for a Donald Trump impeachment.

At this stage, a resolution from one city in the country is nothing more than an act of symbolism, and to put concerns on the record, before anything else should occur in future events with the Trump Administration. And while talk of a Trump impeachment heats up in everyday American vernacular, Donald Trump says the actions taken against his Administration, such as leaks by the intelligence community, are politically motivated by “sad Democrats” who are “sore losers” and part of a Deep State conspiracy against him in Washington.

But a former NSA analyst has also gone on the record through his column at The Observer to say, there is no Democratically inspired Deep State conspiracy in Washington that is trying to oust Donald Trump. John Schindler says Trump is doing a good job evicting himself from the White House on the facts alone. John Schindler, a retired Navy officer and respected voice in the intelligence community as well as a known specialist in espionage and terrorism also recently tweeted about Donald Trump, “He will die in jail.”

Politicians from both sides of the aisle in Richmond, California, a city near San Francisco, however, want to put their concerns on the record, in light of recent events, and before anything else happens in the Trump Administration. The Independent reports that Richmond City Councillors recently met to approve a resolution that not only calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment but also calls on Congress to investigate Trump’s alleged conflicts of interest from a business and financial level.

City Councillor Gayle McLaughlin, who has led the movement in the Richmond City Council says the following.

“This is our voice. This is our country. We have a right to speak up.”

The City Council of Richmond is hoping that this is part of one of the many grassroots efforts across the country, working to make the Trump Administration accountable. But as The Independent reports, some experts believe this is nothing more than a futile effort. These experts are aligned with the mentality that because Congress is mostly Republican, Trump will never get impeached.

But certain actions taken by Congress in recent days suggest trust between Congress, the Senate, and the Trump Administration, is waning. Even so, Dr. Jacob Parakilas, assistant head of the U.S. and Americas Programme at Chatham House told The Independent the following.

“There’s no chance that he would be immediately impeached because the Republicans who control the House and Senate would alienate a huge number of their voters by doing so.”

But Republican voters are getting more upset everyday, as has been witnessed in angry Town Halls all across America this past week. And Republican voters may well want their representatives to do something about Trump.

And, some Republicans are doing what they can in both the Congress and the Upper Chamber of the Senate to send a message to their constituents that, “we have your back.” This week, both the Senate and the House started readings of the Russia Sanctions Review Act. It is S. 341 in the Senate and H.R. 1059 in the House.

This act is an act that would prevent Donald Trump from lifting current sanctions against Russia, applied by the Obama Administration, without permission from Congress and the Senate. If Trump wants to lift the sanctions, and these bills pass, he would need approval from the legislative branch. He would also need proof that Russia wouldn’t try to hack or interfere with American politics again.

These two bills are sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats, suggesting that even Republican Senators and Congress members do not trust their president to leave the current sanctions against Russia alone. So if die hard Trump supporters are banking on a red House of Representatives to keep Trump in power on the basis of political party alone, they may be disappointed.

While many Republican Congressmembers of the House clearly do support Donald Trump, they are bound by an oath to put the country and Constitution first. Whether that will happen remains to be seen; the outcome of who votes what way in the Russia Sanctions Review Act will reveal those lines when the time comes. Additionally, Republicans will want to put their constituents first, with Elections 2018 looming.

If their constituents do not support Trump come Elections 2018, Republicans that want to keep their jobs won’t be able to vote against their constituents’ wishes. All of these factors will play into any future Donald Trump impeachment matter should it occur, it is all, of course, politics.

Even so, Donald Trump is clearly well aware that there are hordes of Americans and grassroots efforts against him. The recent resignation of General Flynn, who Donald Trump still speaks highly about, has led Donald Trump into launching a war against the press, the intelligence community, judges, and all Democrats.

Since the Flynn resignation, Donald Trump has been alleging on Twitter that the leaks that led to that move are the problem, that the facts about General Flynn aren’t the problem, and he has insulted the press and the intelligence community. He is also suggesting there is some sort of partisan inspired Deep State conspiracy working against him in Washington.

John Schindler, a security expert and former NSA analyst and counterintelligence officer says that is not the case. He says, if Donald Trump is impeached, it will be because of his own actions and because of the facts at hand, and will have nothing to do with any partisan effort whatsoever.

John Schindler says between Trump’s actions such as slamming the intelligence community, the judiciary, and attacking the free press, Donald Trump is setting up his own impeachment.

In his column for The Observer, Schindler writes that the first month of office has been embarrassing for Donald Trump. He acknowledges that leaks occurred from the intelligence community to the media. He also acknowledges that additional “SIGINT” which means “signals intelligence gathering” reveals that Trump’s inner circle maintained contacts with Moscow in the months leading up to the election.

These revelations to the public he says is what has led Trump to denounce the “illegal leakers.” Trump has also vowed to punish those leakers. As Schindler writes, “This drama has an unavoidably Nixonian flair since that vindictive president too, waged a war on leakers – ultimately leading to the break-in at the Watergate, which unraveled Richard Nixon’s presidency.”

This “unavoidably Nixonian flair” is precisely what Americans are worried about. Where there is one leak, there is likely a bigger problem underneath the surface. As tech expert Eric Geller of Politico recently tweeted, “Does anybody think they’ll stop there?”

Even Michael Flynn himself isn’t certain about the future of the White House. As the National Post out of Canada reported very early after General Flynn’s retirement, it was not that long ago when Michael Flynn was reportedly wondering who would be at the White House within one year. At an all-hands meeting with the National Security council two weeks into the Trump Administration, the theme of the meeting for Trump staffers was to create a plan to “make America great again.”

Staffers had their own “MAGA” mugs and missions. General Flynn reportedly discussed the “work-life balance” and the need to watch family and work at the same time. In the meeting, a show of hands was requested on who was expecting to still be at the White House in the next year. General Flynn reportedly turned to his deputy, K.T. Mcfarland, and said this.

“I wonder if we’ll be here a year from now?”

It would be less than two weeks before General Flynn wasn’t there. What Flynn knew that would lead him to say that is unclear, but we do know that Russia is the reason he is no longer part of the Trump Administration.

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But Trump will say Flynn is gone because of leakers and “fake news,” and not because of the facts related to Russia. Trump thinks a partisan group of intelligence officials are part of a group known as Deep State are all conspiring against him.

John Schindler says, no. He says there is definitely a Deep State in America, as every country has their own inner dark circle of spy networks. But he says, there is no partisan inspired Deep State conspiring to bring Trump down.

While every Administration has a problem with leakers, it is the facts that took General Flynn out, and if Trump goes, it will be because of the facts, Schindler reports. Schindler further argues that the intelligence community is generally conservative, although it is a healthy mix of independents and democrats as well, and to say it is completely conservative is a stereotype.

Schindler also says that when leakers in the intelligence community go to the press, it is not out of some greater duty to the country, most of the time. That is an underlying goal, but he says leakers from the intelligence community have historically been motivated by personal scores. The FBI official, Mark Felt, also known as Deep Throat that led to President Nixon’s demise was spilling to The Washington Post for “entirely personal reasons.”

Felt was not being appointed by Nixon in the way he wanted to be. And so he became Deep Throat.

Today, Donald Trump is giving the intelligence community, the press, and the public at large, many reasons to want to settle personal scores. He’s attacked them all, impugned their character, and maligned every one of these groups with personal insults, publicly. He’s done the same with the judiciary, slamming what he says are “so called judges” who rule against him.

Many are, as John Schindler writes, “deeply unhappy” with Donald Trump. As a result, he says, “Rebellion is brewing.” John Schindler also says that, “It’s only a matter of time before unseemly Moscow ties are exposed and the White House enters unsurvivable political crisis.”

That suggests that the bipartisan intelligence community believes it’s only a matter of time before a Donald Trump impeachment. So while this week’s California impeachment resolution may just be a formality and matter of symbolism, it is now on the record.

How many more will follow remains to be seen. If more follow, a nationwide resistance, along with low approval ratings for Trump, will be factors Congress are required to consider in any potential Donald Trump impeachment talks. With Elections 2018 looming, Congress members will be motivated to save their own seats, before they save Trump’s, no matter how much they may support him.

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