WWE News: WWE Announcer Allegedly Cheated On Fiancee, Sent Woman Vulgar Texts

Reports are suggesting that Tom Phillips, a WWE announcer for the company’s SmackDown Live brand, may have had an affair with another woman despite being engaged, while also sending the woman sexually-explicit text messages.

Phillips, 27, had joined WWE in 2012, starting out as a backstage interviewer for the WWE App, then moving on to announcing jobs on the company’s B-shows such as Superstars and Main Event, while still conducting backstage interviews on both WWE and NXT programming. Most recently, he had joined the SmackDown Live announce team, where he commentates alongside Mauro Ranallo, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and David Otunga.

This isn’t the first controversy in Tom Phillips’ WWE tenure. Last year, the wife of then-recently released WWE announcer Rich Brennan (a.k.a. Rich Bocchini in real life) had taken to Twitter to accuse Phillips of “burying” people or making wrestlers or other colleagues in the industry look bad. According to WrestlePundit, Jessica Bocchini’s comment was in response to a Twitter user who had posted a similar allegation from former WWE wrestler and announcer Tazz.

“‘Making it’ in WWE has less to do with talent than who you’re willing to bury on your way to the top. Which is Tom’s speciality.”

Now, it would appear that Phillips is in another kind of trouble, this time from a woman he had recently met, and communicated with while on a flight.

According to WrestlingNews.co, Phillips had gotten in contact with an Instagram user with the handle “missythetattooedgirl,” and had allegedly sent her sexually-charged text messages and photos. But when the woman had found out from friends that he was, in fact, engaged, she took to Instagram to post a screenshot of their conversation.

The woman, whose real name was not published, has since set her social media accounts to private, according to Wrestling Inc., but not before posting the screenshot and adding a message expressing her disappointment and disgust with the situation.

“This is why I don’t trust people. Without my friends I never would’ve known that a high profile WWE commentator who was talking to me and wanted to get together, is engaged. I had zero idea and I couldn’t be more sorry to the girl involved. You deserve better than this. Apparently nobody is faithful anymore.”

Likewise, Tom Phillips had also changed the settings on his social media accounts to private at the time “missythetattooedgirl” posted the screenshots. These images have since been retweeted several times over the past day, and at this point, we should warn you that the content of the alleged conversation between Phillips and the woman (as linked above) is NSFW due to its vulgar nature.

The woman also posted a second screenshot, which detailed how the embattled announcer allegedly tried to get in touch with her via Snapchat. She claims that Tom Phillips was reprimanded by WWE officials for “sending lewd photos to me in (direct messages)” with his company phone, which is supposedly the reason why he chooses to keep a low profile. After making a “secret” Snapchat to communicate with the woman, Phillips then asked her out on a date, but she would then “do (her) research” and discover that she was about to go on a date with an engaged man.

“He even texted me the day he made his engagement video.”

In 2015, Seth Rollins was also accused of cheating on his fiancee, but has since recovered from the scandal to continue enjoying a productive WWE career. [Image by WWE]

Since word of the purported affair had broken out yesterday, many fans have compared Tom Phillips’ situation to that of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, who had supposedly cheated on his fiancee and posted naked photos of the woman he was having an affair with (former NXT wrestler Zahra Schreiber) on his social media accounts. According to a February 2015 report from The Daily Mail, Seth’s then-fiancee Leighla Schultz had retaliated by posting Rollins’ own naked photos on social media.

Rollins eventually issued a statement, apologizing to his fans and loved ones for the “private photographs that were distributed without my consent.”

Neither Tom Phillips nor WWE has publicly commented on the recent accusations.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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