Mama June Weight Loss Photos: Reality Star’s Dramatic New Look Finally Revealed

Mama June Shannon is showing off her dramatic weight loss.

Mama June’s weight loss photos are finally here, showing off the drastic change for the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo reality star.

June Shannon is detailing her weight loss in a seven-part series for WEtv called Mama June: From Not To Hot. The first installation airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET, ending a long build-up to see what the new photos of Mama June and her weight loss looked like.

The marketing for the program was especially effective, spreading the word of the weight loss for the reality star who once tipped the scales at as much as 460 pounds. There were dozens of stories previewing Mama June’s weight loss — which reportedly dropped her down all the way to a size four — but her actual new look was kept hidden until the reveal itself.

The program sent a flood of people to the internet to search for photos of Mama June’s weight loss, which seems to be WEtv’s intention. They even prompted Mama June to live-tweet during the show’s premiere, ginning up even more interest in the already highly anticipated show.

After the long wait, WEtv also spread out the reveal of Mama June’s weight loss, previewing some of it in images during the show’s premiere.

The network even teased viewers during the show about the long wait to see Mama June’s weight loss.

But the network did include some images of her weight loss journey, including workout time with the family.

Anyone hoping to see all of her transformation to a size four was out of luck, but WEtv appears to be spreading out the reveal over the course of all seven episodes. But viewers did get to see quite a bit of her progress including a preview of next week’s episode.

Even before Mama June’s weight loss photos were revealed on Friday, the reality star was doing the press circuit to talk about her journey to a dramatically smaller size. In an interview with Refinery29, June Shannon spoke about her internal struggles about her size and what prompted her to finally go through weight-loss surgery.

“It’s a daily struggle,” Mama June said about her attempts to stay positive. “One day, I’m like, ‘f**k it.’ The next day it’s kind of like, okay, and it may be good for a little while. But you know, everybody has their setbacks. But right now, I’ll tell you what: I’m glad that people are able to see me for what I’ve always seen myself as. I’ve never seen myself as a bigger person, I’ve always seen myself as like a smaller person.”

Mama June added that she has always seen herself as a smaller person, and now finally can look in the mirror and see that for real. Viewers who checked out Mama June’s weight loss photos are finally seeing it as well.

In the end, she tries to leave a positive message for those who watch along in her weight-loss journey.

“I’ve always told everybody — my kids, everybody — you have to love yourself [first] and foremost and whether you’re big, small, whatever, you have to finally love yourself without anybody worrying about what people think or what you think. I mean, you gotta love yourself regardless,” she said. “I love my kids at what weight they’re at now, if they lost 100 pounds. And I know that my kids loved me when I was big [and] they love me now.”

But there was also a bit of revenge to her motivations. Mama June said that she was prompted to lose weight after her ex, known on the show as Sugar Bear, was getting re-married. June Shannon said she wanted to show up to the ceremony with a hot date and a new look, helping propel her decision to lose weight.

More of the Mama June weight loss photos and a replay of the first installation of her new reality show can be seen on WEtv’s official page for the Mama June: From Not To Hot.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]