Michelle Hadley: 'Dateline'--Wife Framed Hubby's Ex In 'Rape Fantasy' Ads Scheme

Traciy Reyes

Talk about frame-ups. Dateline NBC has a story that is out of this world. It is about Michelle Hadley, an Orange County, California, MBA student who was jailed because she was framed by her ex-fiancé's pregnant wife, Angela Diaz. Authorities say that Angela Diaz was a bitter and jealous pregnant wife who wanted to ruin the life of her husband's ex, Michelle Hadley.

For a while, it looked like she had done just that after she went to police and filed a report accusing Michelle Hadley of impersonating her online in some raunchy Craigslist rape fantasy ads. In a twist, police unraveled the scheme and jailed Angela Diaz for stalking herself.

On Dateline NBC's Friday night episode, "Diabolical," Michelle Hadley will provide the details of her terrifying ordeal. Also on the show will be Anaheim police investigators and Michelle Hadley's parents.

Michelle Hadley had everything going for her until her world came crashing down, according to Dateline NBC. One day Michelle was attending college to pursue her MBA degree and next she had landed in jail, accused of several crimes she didn't commit.

The accusation: Michelle Hadley had stalked and impersonated Angela Diaz, her ex-boyfriend's current wife. Thirty-one-year-old Angela Diaz told police a frightening tale of how someone was placing Craigslist rape fantasy ads with her name and then providing her home address, leading men to come to the home looking for someone to rape. But it was all untrue, Dateline's coverage will detail.

One of the ads, according to NBC News, read like this.

"I am dying for this kind of fantasy to come true. Pull me down, choke and bruise me, have your way with me."

On its face, it seemed real. Angela Diaz had police reports and documentation to prove it. The IP addresses had even indicated that Michelle Hadley was the one behind it all.

The way everything was set in motion, Michelle Hadley was postured as the crazy ex.

Michelle Hadley spent several long months in jail trying to figure out how she had ended up in a place like that. Her parents and friends all believed in her innocence. In their minds, there was no possible way for such an upstanding and respectable person could be involved in any of this.

Michelle Hadley was released from jail and fully exonerated. On tonight's Dateline, she will describe the terrifying moment when she was arrested, what life was like in jail, and how she has tried to move forward in her life and rebuild her reputation since her release, the Daily Beast reported.

"Michelle Hadley lost her job, her apartment and dropped out of business school because of the false allegations against her and is left to pick up the pieces. She filed a notice of claim against the Anaheim Police Department for her wrongful arrest and launched a blog to write about her arrest and post-setup life. The top of her new website declares, "2 false arrests. 86 days in jail. But that won't stop me from loving, laughing, or living."