Trump ‘Fox News’ Poll: 73 Percent Think He’s Doing A Poor Job – Take The Poll

The name of the popular poll on the website of Fox News is called “How would you rate President Trump’s first month in office?” With Fox News being known as a bastion of conservative Republicans, pollsters would expect higher rating for President Donald Trump for his first full month in the White House. However, as of this writing — with more than 26,000 votes already cast in the Fox News poll, only 20 percent of those polled believe Mr. Trump’s first month was great and “full of accomplishments.” A paltry 7 percent of those who took the Fox News poll think that while President Trump may have begun his presidency strong, they admit that Mr. Trump “is getting bogged down in unnecessary controversies.”

A whopping 73 percent of those polled by Fox News admit Mr. Trump is doing a poor job. The poll on the website of Fox News even breaks down some of the polling results by state. With more than 2,100 votes coming in from Texas in the Fox News poll as of this writing, a large chunk of Texans — 83 percent — rated President Trump’s first month on the job as “poor.”

In the state of California, there are currently 6,260 votes from people in the state as calculated by the Fox News poll, which gives Mr. Trump a 75 percent “poor” rating. Massachusetts only has 589 votes in the poll thus far, but those slightly fewer than 600 people give President Trump a “poor” rating 90 percent of the time. Maryland is a little less harsh, with 70 percent of 1,688 people giving Mr. Trump a poor rating, as of this writing.

With the poll from Fox News gaining in popularity, more and more people will be able to give their opinions about Mr. Trump’s first month on the job, and Fox News will likely provide more breakdowns via additional states on their poll.

Meanwhile, a vibrant discussion is taking place regarding Mr. Trump and the poll’s results. Some of the comments about President Trump’s first month on the job can be read below. Whereas the Fox News poll doesn’t allow folks to post their specific reasonings for rating Mr. Trump as doing a “poor” job in office, the publication does allow their readers to post comments beneath their popular poll.

Some of those writing comments beneath the Fox News poll admit that they are among the folks who voted for Mr. Trump, but now regret his actions as President Trump.

Linda Burgess: “Why won’t the GOP reign him in? He’s making us all look like mean spirited, stupid people for voting for him! And why is he just putting rich people with no skills around him? How is this draining the swamp? I am saddened every day when I hear his latest childish Tweet make headline news. We elected him to the highest job in the land and I don’t believe he understands what’s expected of him at all.”

ckh1: “Here’s how to understand Trump. He continually projects himself onto others–so whatever accusations he makes, he is doing himself. Hillary is a liar–(ok, she is…) Trump is a liar. The media promotes fake news. Trump is reporting fake news. Etc. The problem is that too many politicians (ok, nearly all of them) feel they have to lie to get elected and continue doing so. Integrity is sacrificed for a chance at power.”

As seen in the top photo above, Palestinians threw their shoes at a poster of President Trump in protest on Friday, February 24.

What say you? How would you rate Mr. Trump’s first month in office? Do you believe President Trump has done a poor job or a great job — or somewhere in the middle? Why? Write your comments below.

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