Taylor Swift’s Friendship Code Not Broken By Ed Sheeran [Debunked]

Ed Sheeran did not break any “friendship” code with Taylor Swift. The rumor was started by Hollywood Life.

“Who knew Ed Sheeran, 26, and Katy Perry, 32, were such good friends?! You wouldn’t expect the pair to have such a loving relationship — after all, he’s besties with Taylor Swift, 27, and we all know Tay and Katy are embroiled in one of the biggest celeb feuds of the last few years.”

The article adds that when Sheeran ran into Perry in the UK recently, the two joked around like crazy. Hollywood Life believes that because of this, Sheeran is betraying Swift and breaking a “friendship code.” However, Gossip Cop says that this story is completely fabricated.

“Ed Sheeran did not ‘break’ the ‘friendship code’ with Taylor Swift, despite a ridiculous report about Katy Perry,” claims columnist Shari Weiss, who adds that the tabloid website said the same thing about Taylor’s friendship with Selena Gomez, which ended up being false as well.

This isn’t the first major rumor regarding Swift that had to be debunked in the past couple of weeks. Radar Online started a rumor that Tom Hiddleston’s comments about Taylor Swift in the latest issue of GQ had to be pre-approved by Taylor herself.

“RadarOnline.com has learned that Marvel villain Tom Hiddleston is afraid to cross his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, and her squad! According to an insider, Hiddleston, 36, huddled with 27-year-old Swift’s team recently after he found out he was scheduled to do an in-depth interview with GQ.”

The article adds that before Tom did the interview, he reached out to Taylor Swift’s people in order to discuss what he would say when asked about her. The commenters after the article are suspicious of the story.

“Idiotic story,” says one poster.

“They aren’t even in the same biz. How can she hurt his career? He’s an actor still getting jobs. She’s a singer,” comments another.

As expected, Gossip Cop has stepped right in to declare the story a hoax.

“Tom Hiddleston’s comments about Taylor Swift in his recent GQ interview were NOT ‘pre-approved’ by the singer’s team beforehand, despite a bogus webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s not true,” writes columnist Andrew Shuster, who adds that Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close to Hiddleston, and the story was completely denied.

Taylor Swift tries her best to be in control of her image, but over the past year and a half, Swift’s image has been damaged. Even though many think the backlash against Swift is unwarranted, others think Swift has presented the image of someone she isn’t. In other words, the term “fake” has been getting thrown around when it comes to Taylor.

Swift recently went on Twitter to praise all the women marching in the Women’s March that took place in January.


The Huffington Post was one of many websites that criticized Swift.

“In recent years, Swift has transformed herself into somewhat of a feminist icon, in part by surrounding herself with a ‘girl gang’ of famous female friends and crafting punchy lyrics about relationships. But, as many have pointed out, her public image also seems like a convenient marketing tool.”

The article, like many others, accused Swift of promoting false feminism. Swift’s fans were very angry about the accusations and wrote many pro-Swift comments after the article. Do you think people are going too far in their criticism of Swift? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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