Ellen DeGeneres Liked Her ‘SNL’ Spoof Last Weekend [Video]

It seems as though it’s impossible to offend Ellen DeGeneres.

The daytime TV “queen of nice” proved once again that virtually nothing can get her down, even a slightly eyebrow-raising spoof on Saturday Night Live. In fact, Ellen said she quite enjoyed the spoof that SNL did of her last weekend, which saw new cast member Kate McKinnon performing Ellen’s voice, dance moves, and mannerisms with eerie accuracy.

“It was fun to watch, but it’s weird to be impersonated,” DeGeneres admitted on her show earlier in the week. “You look at it going, ‘Really? Do I sound like that?'”

Yeah, Ellen. You really kind of do.

Ellen also said that she enjoys watching Saturday Night Live and that she catches it every week. She thinks that this year’s cast is fantastic, and even offered her own interpretation of 28-year-old McKinnon’s impersonation of her.

“I didn’t like it. I’m just kidding, I’m Ellen! I like everything!,” she said, adding that McKinnnon has an open invitation to sub-in for Ellen during the holiday season.

“She’s really funny,” she said. “I’m going to invite her to LA because I want her to go to Thanksgiving for me.”

MSN opines that while the Saturday Night Live spoof was “mostly flattering” to Ellen, she seemed a little uncomfortable as she talked about it. We’ll take the opposite stance (just for the sake of diversity) and suggest that Ellen doesn’t get offended because in the end, she always has the best one-liners.

Here’s the clip of Ellen DeGeneres talking about her SNL spoof:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/oHMUOogHJY8? width=”560? height=”315?]

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