Taylor Swift Forced To View A Parade Of Ex-Boyfriends On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Taylor Swift was forced to view a parade of ex-boyfriends during her recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The enigmatic talk show host attempted to get the singer to reveal which former significant other was the inspiration for her popular breakup song.

The singer appeared more than a little bit uncomfortable when DeGeneres pushed her to play a game focused on the star’s plethora of past loves. The interview segment began with Ellen jesting about Swift and Zac Efron. The talk show host then good-naturedly thrust a bell in Taylor’s direction and told her to ring it when the photo of the ex-boyfriend that she would never, ever, ever get back together with appeared on the screen.

Swift had this to say about not revealing the song’s inspiration during the bell-ringing game, according to Radar Online excerpts:

“This is the one thing that I have, the one shred of dignity that I have left.”

Ellen DeGeneres was not to be deterred in her quest to get the answer so many of the singer’s fan are dying to know. Photos of Danny DeVito, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer flooded across the screen, but yet the bell did not ring. Although Taylor readily admitted that she the hit song was not inspired by DeVito or Timberlake, she still refused to give that bell a shake when images of her confirmed former loves appeared.

The singer had this to say before the end of the talk show segment:

“Stop it, stop it, stop! This makes me feel so bad about myself. Every time I come up here you put like a different dude up on the screen. It just makes me really question like what I stand for as a human being. There’s never been two guys on the screen two visits in a row. It’s sad.”

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