John McCain Snaps On Reporter Over Skipped Benghazi Briefing [Audio]

John McCain got a little testy with a CNN reporter who asked why he skipped a Benghazi briefing to complain about Benghazi in a separate press conference.

Today, the Arizona Senator slammed President Obama over his handling of the Benghazi Consulate attack which resulted in the deaths of four American citizens. In a press conference, McCain and supporters called for a Watergate-style investigation into the Administration’s handling of the situation.

At the same time, a classified Benghazi briefing with high-ranking military and diplomatic officials was being held practically across the hall.

McCain’s absence was clarified as a “scheduling error” by his spokesman. Though McCain isn’t suggesting that he was intentionally shut out of the briefing, he was a little short with a CNN reporter who asked him why he bailed on the meet-up.

“I have no comment about my schedule and I’m not going to comment on how I spend my time to the media,” McCain said.

The reporter asked why McCain wouldn’t comment, causing him to reply, “Because I have the right as a senator to have no comment and who the hell are you to tell me I can or not?”

The CNN reporter asked why McCain would miss a briefing on an issue he was so clearly upset about, causing the Senator to reply, “I’m upset that you keep badgering me.”

Like many, McCain wants answers on the Benghazi attack. There’s a general sense that we’re not getting the whole truth, despite savvy political maneuvering and the embarrassing insistence of some media outlets to “protect” the president.

Still, we have to agree. If you’re more interested in substance than press, you might want to make the classified briefing, Senator.

Here’s the audio of the spat between John McCain and the CNN reporter:

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