‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Will Adam’s Return Bring A Paternity Shocker?

Young and Restless spoilers tease that Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will continue to mislead Nick (Joshua Morrow) about Christian’s real paternity. Victor (Eric Braeden) and Chelsea agreed to stay quiet about Adam (formerly Justin Hartley) being Christian’s real dad. However, the (potential) paternity scoop is on the minds of the Young and Restless fans, and they want it to come out as soon as possible.

Young and Restless head writer Sally Sussman revealed that she wasn’t sure when they would rewrite Adam back into the storylines. She felt that the soap opera didn’t need him and was reluctant to change Christian’s paternity.

For many Young and Restless fans, this was horrible news. They wanted Adam to be recast as soon as possible. Without Adam on the show, many fans have stopped watching.

Michael Muhney as Adam Newman on ‘Young and Restless’ [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that it would be exciting if the writers would try to switch the storylines up. No one is saying that they don’t want the show to try new romances, but if there are no couples together to root for, before long, the viewers just stop watching.

Young and Restless fans agree that life-changing secrets coming out are very exciting to watch. They create tension and bring people together that you may not see in scenes together every day.

If the Young and Restless showrunners would bring Adam Newman back, it would definitely create drama. People who have not been watching the show for a few months would tune in to see Adam’s reaction to how close Chelsea and Nick have gotten the past few months.

Many Young and Restless fans want Michael Muhney to return as Adam. A recent poll suggested that over 90 percent of Young and Restless‘s current viewers would be open to seeing Muhney back as Adam.

According to the February 27 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Michael Muhney thinks he may have a shot to land the role of Adam. He hopes that CBS will listen to the fans and consider giving him another shot. Even so, Sussman still hasn’t revealed what her plans are for Adam’s character.

Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman on ‘Young and Restless’ [Image by Francois Durand/Getty Images]

Young and Restless fans want Nick to find out that Christian isn’t his son. Right now, he believes that he is his biological child. Chelsea knows the truth but is keeping it from him.

If the Young and Restless writers don’t want to bring Adam back for a paternity reveal, let’s hope that they figure out a way to reveal Christian’s real father without Adam on the scene. Can you imagine Nick’s meltdown after learning that not only is Christian Adam’s son, but Chelsea and his father knew about it the whole time as well?

When Nick finds out the truth, there’s no question that he will be utterly shocked. However, in time, he will learn to accept it. Who knows, maybe Chelsea will reassure Nick that paternity doesn’t really matter and he is Christian’s dad in every way that counts.

If (and when) Christian’s paternity comes out, you can expect Nick and Chelsea’s relationship to come to a sudden stop. He will wonder if he can trust her after she kept a lie about his son’s paternity for over a year.

It could be a way for Young and Restless to bring Sharon and Nick back together. Nick will have to admit that Sharon may have reacted normally to the threat of losing the child she loved as her own. Maybe even, they will end up raising Christian together.

When talking about Young and Restless, anything is possible. Do you think Adam will return soon? Would you like for Michael Muhney to reprise the role?

Young and Restless airs weekdays on CBS daytime.

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