‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Michael Muhney Talks About His ‘Y&R’ Comeback

The Young and the Restless spoilers have teased for several months that the new Adam could arrive at Genoa City at any moment. At first, the spoilers suggested that Justin Hartley would return briefly as Adam, but that deal fell through.

According to the February 27 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Michael Muhney hints that he may be in talks to return to the Young and the Restless for May sweeps. He admits that he made more than a few mistakes the last time he worked on the CBS daytime drama. However, he wanted to clear up a few rumors going around that many the Young and the Restless fans believe.

In a podcast with former professional cyclist Phil Gaimon, Muhney claims he had second thoughts about leaving the show in 2013. Michael revealed that he wrote Sony/CBS an email and poured his heart out, begging them to let him stay.

“I don’t think I want this. I don’t want to leave,” Muhney remembers writing. “I just sort of poured my heart out to them.”

Michael said they replied that they need reassurance from him that he will not nit-pick battles with his co-stars. In other words, they wanted him to be nicer and less stubborn. Muhney remembers thinking that this was his wake-up call.

Several weeks later, TMZ ran a story that accused Muhney of groping a female co-star, Hunter King (Summer). Michael chose to be silent and not address the rumor, which many Young and the Restless fans believed that his silence was out of guilt.

Muhney claims that he asked Sony/CBS to clear up the rumor by stating that it never happened, but they refused.

Six months later, Michael met with CBS again in hopes of returning to the Young and the Restless. He had a good feeling and believed that he was finally going to return. Before he could sign a new contract, CBS called his agent to say they couldn’t offer him the role. They decided to go with Justin Hartley instead.

“I was so close to going back, and it didn’t happen. It really broke my heart. I thought I was going back, for sure.”

Now, Muhney is once again hoping the Young and the Restless rehires him. Justin Hartley left the soap opera for This Is Us, and Muhney believes this may be his last chance to reprise the role of Adam.

“The rumors are picking up and the talks are there, so to speak, here and there, and I have a whole faction of cast members who are texting me saying, ‘Dude jump on this, come back, we need this. This would be great for the whole cast.'”

Muhney explained that he hopes if he returns to the Young and the Restless, he hopes that he can wipe his slate clean and start over.

“I keep really hanging on to this idea that, yeah, I want a second chance. I want a second story, an opportunity to make it right,” Michael stated. “I want to be the guy that can redeem himself and dispel all those nasty rumors that so many fans believe.”

Muhney ended the interview with a message to the Young and the Restless. He is here, jobless, begging for another chance and wants to talk to the right people so he can bring Adam Newman back to Genoa City.

The Young and the Restless fans, do you think CBS will bring Michael Muhney back as Adam? Do you think he and Eric Braeden (Victor) can get along well enough to work together on the set?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS daytime.

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