Angelina Jolie Slammed As ‘Selfish’ By Wendy Williams, ‘She’s Fallen From Grace’

Angelina Jolie is once again feeling the wrath of Wendy Williams after the host slammed Jolie in a yet another scathing rant on her daytime talk show this week.

Just weeks after Williams put Angelina on serious blast on her syndicated talk show The Wendy Williams Show by calling her “half hated” last month, Wendy is now slamming Jolie and once again hitting back at the star after Jolie hit the red carpet with her and Brad Pitt’s six children ay the Cambodian premiere of First They Killed My Father.

Wendy certainly didn’t hold back when telling the world exactly how she feels about Angelina this week, calling the mom of six “selfish” after the actress took her brood to Cambodia and walked the red carpet of the premiere for her new film, claiming she “came out of hiding” with her children to help her image.

Williams all but claimed she didn’t think Jolie was being a good mother to her children in her latest rant against the star, in which Wendy accused Jolie of parading her children in front of the cameras after suggesting the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress was put into a bad light following her and Pitt’s divorce.

“Honest opinion? I think that it’s selfish that her first public appearance after this divorce where she accused Brad of terrible things including [alleged abuse of the kids]…,” Wendy said on the show this week. “When you have fallen from grace because the investigation was done and [Brad] was cleared of all charges,” Williams continued, “and you hire a spin doctor…”

Williams then continued to slam Jolie in the Hot Topics segment of her popular talk show, claiming she doesn’t think Angelina should have taken her and Brad’s six children, Shiloh, Maddox, Vivienne, Knox, Zahara and Pax, to the premiere of her new film, First They Killed My Father, claiming Jolie should have done “regular mom stuff” for her first foray back into the spotlight after laying low since announcing her and Pitt’s divorce.

Angelina slammed by Wendy Williams
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“Angelina [Jolie], if you’re going to make your first public appearance, it shouldn’t be on your own red carpet trotting your kids out, it’s so obvious what you’re trying to do,” Wendy Williams claimed of Jolie stepping out with her children at the Cambodian movie premiere, hinting that she believes Angelina was using her children to help rebuild her image.

Wendy then told her audience on The Wendy Williams Show that she thinks Angelina should have stepped out with her kids at a mall before taking them on the red carpet.

“If you’re the real deal mom,” Williams continued, seemingly taking aim at Angelina as a mother, “and if you really care about healing your family and your kids and stuff, you would have been out and we would’ve seen you walking out of JC Penny with those kids or paying for a parking ticket… regular mom stuff! And then, out on the red carpet.”

This certainly isn’t the first time Williams has seriously hit out at Angelina in the wake of her and Brad’s split last year, as Wendy previously blasted the actress and humanitarian in January by claiming she was “half hated” after it was revealed that Angelina had landed herself a new job as a model and spokesperson.

Wendy Williams blasts Angelina Jolie
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According to The Mirror, Wendy seriously slammed Angelina on her talk show last month after she was announced as the new face of the beauty line Guerlain, as Williams claimed she found the brand’s decision to have Jolie front their campaigns “weird” while lamenting that she doesn’t want to be anything like Angelina.

“I don’t want to smell like this girl,” Wendy said on the Wendy Williams Show, “because she doesn’t smell so right just now on the account of what’s going on with she and Brad and the kids.”

“It’s just, you know, she’s half hated,” Williams then continued of Angelina, seriously slamming Jolie despite her announced plans to donate her fee from her Guerlain campaign to charity. “She’s a worldwide person but half the people don’t like her.”

What do you think of Wendy Williams latest Angelina Jolie slam on The Wendy Williams Show?

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