Zach Randolph, Kendrick Perkins Altercation Being Investigated By NBA

Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins were pretty physical during last night’s game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder. And apparently the physical contact didn’t stop when the players stepped off the court. Rumors are circulating that Randolph and Perkins were involved in a locker room altercation after they were ejected from last night’s game and now the NBA is investigating the incident.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports:

“The NBA is investigating Wednesday night’s reported confrontation involving Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph and Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins.”

According to the Bleacher Report, Perkins and Randolph were involved in an altercation last night but the fight was stopped by security guards before anyone got hurt.

John Rohde at The Oklahoman writes:

“After the two players were separated, Perkins ran off the court in front of the Thunder bench and into a hallway, where he had another altercation with Randolph outside the postgame interview room next to the Thunder locker room. The players were separated by Oklahoma City police officers. People in the postgame interview area heard something being slammed against the door. Security members huddled briefly thereafter to discuss the matter, but no action was taken against either player.”

We’ll have to wait to find out the details about the locker room altercation but you can watch a video of the on court tussle below. The Grizzlies were leading 101-89 with a few minutes into left in the fourth quarter when Randolph and Perkins started yelling at one another.

According to Yahoo, Perkins told Randolph to meet him at the bus after the game. Randolph shot back, saying “I’ll beat your ass.”

Here’s the video of the ejection.

After the game rumors started that the police were launching an investigation into the incident. Those rumors were quickly squashed but the NBA is expected to look a little closer at the altercation.

Do you think Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins will be fined by the NBA?