Christian Dorscht #Anaheim Videos: Unnamed LAPD Cop Shoots Gun Near 13-Year-Old

The videos below showing 13-year-old Christian Dorscht being grabbed by an unnamed off-duty LAPD officers have gotten plenty of attention online.

As reported by OC Weekly, Christian was grabbed and dragged over a set of hedges, as seen in the above video, all the while his friends implored the unnamed police officer to let the 13-year-old boy go. The Anaheim Police Department is active on Twitter, telling people that the officer in question is not an Anaheim officer but belongs to the Los Angeles Police Department. The melee occurred in Anaheim, and Dorscht was recently released from Orange County Juvenile Hall.

Another video, which shows more of the melee, was posted to the Facebook account of Jay Gonzalez and received 2.7 million views in 20 hours. That video can be seen below, with Christian repeatedly telling the unnamed police officer to let him go and to respect a young lady and not call her an “f****** c***” for allegedly stepping on his lawn.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be upsetting to some viewers.

As seen in the below photo, Christian suffered bruises that were documented in the wake of the struggle with the off-duty cop, whose name has not been released to the public as of this writing.

Dorscht can be heard in the video telling the unnamed cop that Christian was going to sue him for grabbing the young boy in the manner that is seen in the video. The unnamed police officer claims that Christian said “shoot,” but Dorscht repeats that he said “sue,” not “shoot.” Christian asks the unnamed cop in the video if he can hear correctly.

The unnamed police officer can be seen continually holding onto Christian while Dorscht’s friends push the cop in attempts to free their friend. Such an action from the unnamed cop has the #Anaheim hashtag trending on Twitter, with folks asking if the unnamed police officer didn’t commit a kidnapping crime by not letting go of the boy.

Police in Anaheim arrested Christian on Tuesday, according to Heavy, with claims of alleged battery and criminal threats. However, Christian’s father, Johnny Dorscht, said that Christian has not been in trouble ever with police before. According to the OC Weekly, Dorscht’s stepfather is a police officer.

Johnny said that Christian was attacked by the unnamed off-duty cop and that Dorscht said he would sue the unnamed policeman because Christian is a minor. According to Christian’s dad, the unnamed cop called one of the children a “c***” for stepping on his lawn.

Photos after the melee show a bruise above Christian’s eyebrow and bruises on Dorscht’s neck, as well as bruises on his wrist from where Christian had handcuffs placed on him. Dorscht claimed his son is a very well-mannered boy, and that they will sue the unnamed cop in the viral videos.

“I’m pretty pissed off about what happened. You could talk to anybody, my son has very good manners. He does good in school and isn’t disrespectful or anything like that. We’re going to find legal representation and be suing.This is B.S. Even the cops, when they got there, they had all the kids down. They didn’t even go after the [unnamed cop].”

According to the below tweet from the Twitter account of the LAPD, the unnamed officer is on administrative leave.

Some reactions to Dorscht’s viral video from social media can be read below.

: “Christian Dorscht was walking home from school. He had no idea he’d almost get shot by a cop.”

“Heartbreaking day seeing the videos of Christian Dorscht and the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest camp. Pray for humanity. Goodnight.”

[Featured Image by Nick Ut/AP Images]

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