Dr Phil Girl Guest Pregnant With Jesus: It Was Just Stomach Gas

Christians all over the world would have been celebrating Christmas a couple of times a year, had the girl claiming she was pregnant with Jesus Christ on Dr. Phil show back in November of 2016 been right about her condition.

However, it turns out the 20-year-old girl named Haley couldn’t have been more wrong about it. Not only was she not conceiving the Holy Child, but it was also proven by more than one medical test that there was no pregnancy to begin with.

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Upon her return on the show earlier this month, the girl admitted that the second coming of Jesus wouldn’t be happening anytime soon. She was now convinced that she wouldn’t be a mother to God anymore as her pregnancy happens to be a mere case of some sort of immaculate constipation.

“I woke up one night and I thought I was having a contraction,” the girl told Dr. Phil, according to Hollywood Life. “I looked at my stomach and it went completely flat. It made me realize I wasn’t pregnant. I had a bunch of gas lodged in my stomach and I thought I was pregnant.”

All the big fuss about the girl pregnant with Jesus, which has been a trending topic online, was simply a case of much ado about nothing, thanks to some stomach gas.

Haley added that knowing she was not pregnant did not help, and she even suffered from depression afterward. She felt like it was truly a huge loss for her, and she can’t help but grieve for her baby.

When the girl appeared on Dr. Phil show last year, she was convinced beyond any doubt that she was nine-months pregnant with baby Jesus, and she didn’t care what the tests or doctors were saying, AOL News reported. She knew at that time that people would eventually believe her after she gave birth to the “savior.”

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She even got an ultrasound on-air during the Dr. Phil show, and the test revealed that she wasn’t pregnant, and there was no sign of a new life in her womb. The girl refused to concede and argued, “you can’t lie to Jesus.”

“My family, my friends, my pastors at church, they don’t believe that I’m pregnant,” the girl who thought she was pregnant told Dr. Phil. “I know it’s Jesus. I don’t care if my family disowns me. It really comes down to if you’re a true believer in Jesus or not.”

While no pregnancy tests or ultrasound could convince her at that time, Dr. Phil somehow was able to make her agree to undergo an intensive inpatient treatment program at a psychiatric center.

On her latest guesting at the Dr. Phil show, the girl said that it was just a trapped wind in her tummy, and she wasn’t really pregnant. But, she told Dr. Phil that she still wasn’t any better even after the treatment program, and her schizophrenia took a turn for the worse.

The girl who thought she might be pregnant with Jesus said that she now sees shadows and hears voices, and they just won’t stop, causing her to lose a lot of sleep.

Haley’s mom and sister Adrianna, who also both appeared on the Dr. Phil show, are not buying her claims of being pregnant with Jesus. They even went so far as to say that the girl was either delusional or just a compulsive liar. Haley was also claiming and is still convinced that her real father is rapper Eminem.

“My sister, Haley, is crazy,” Adrianna said. “She lives in her own little fantasy world.”

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