Kellyanne Conway Explains One Week Television Absence

Kellyanne Conway returned to TV on Wednesday night after going missing for over a week.

The counselor to President Trump in an interview with Fox News debunked claims that she had been sidelined by the White House. The 50-year-old who appeared on Fox’s Hannity in front of a live crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference insisted that she had not been benched, but took a week off to cater for her children.

“I’m not sidelined. Somebody’s trying to stir up trouble. If I’m out for a few days with four kids looking at houses and schools…a lot of my colleagues aren’t trying to figure out how to be a mother of four kids I assure you.”

Conway took a jibe at CNN, insinuating that the cable news network was the one spreading the information that she had been benched after a slew of problematic TV appearances. The counselor to the president had not given any televised interview since last week since Monday when she told MSNBC, the president had the “full confidence” of the former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, only to have him resign hours later.

Conway further muddled things up when she claimed Flynn offered to resign when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer contradicted her by saying Trump asked the retired general for his resignation. According to sources, the 50-year-old’s conflicting statements tested her credibility allegedly leading the president and other top advisers to feel that her “off-message” appearances were doing more harm than good.

The former Trump campaign manager during the Hannity interview revealed that there had been a growing resentment against her for eroding into other people’s TV schedules, adding that her appearances only amounted to five percent of her duties. Conway pointed out that President Trump remained the best conveyor of whatever message he wanted to share with the American people.

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“About five percent of what I’m asked to do in this role as special adviser to the president is TV. We don’t always need to be out there all the time. He’s confident; he’s his own best messenger.”

Hannity who heaped praise on the president before ushering Kellyanne Conway echoed her claims, pointing out that pegging the counselor for televised appearances was a herculean task, suggesting that he had waited for months before finally getting her to come on his show.

“How long have you been booked on my show? It’s impossible you were sidelined.”

Conway used her first interview in seven days to slam the mainstream media over a persistent campaign of negativity against the 45th American president. She argued that President Trump had spear-headed over 24 executive actions, however, only the Muslim ban was negatively reverberating in media circles.

The Republican strategist said the bias in the press was the reason why President Trump continued to tweet so that he could reach the people without having his words misconstrued. The former president and CEO of The Polling Company while taking questions about women in politics took a swipe at the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Conway revealed that there are many candidates she would nominate for a female president “just not that one.”

Conway described the rumors being peddled that she was barred from appearing on TV as a “click bait in a headline.” However, feelers say Conway’s absence has been seen as a victory for Sean Spicer.

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White House sources speaking to CNN fingered a power tussle between the pair, adding that Conway was the one responsible for putting out negative stories about Sean Spicer to the press. The sources also said that Conway was trying to make Spicer look incompetent by contradicting him during interviews.

The president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon and chief of staff, Reince Priebus have since dismissed the talk as gossip from lower-level staff that the media and opposition had manipulated to their advantage.

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