SNSD To Make K-Pop Comeback On 10-Year Anniversary Of ‘Into The New World’

There are more K-pop girl groups making a name for themselves in the industry today than any other time in Hallyu history. With Twice, Red Velvet, and Black Pink leading the way, other girl groups that are making a name for themselves include f(x), CLC, Apink, Lovelyz, Cosmic Girls, Sistar, and many others.

Though S.E.S. is recognized as “the first” K-pop girl group, there is one particular girl group known for innovating what it means to be a K-pop girl group in general to the point they are the most popular one in Hallyu history. They are So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD for short. Also known as SoShi and Girls’ Generation, SNSD dominated the K-pop scene as nine members consisting of Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun since their debut back in 2007.

Recently, SNSD has been doing very little as a girl group, instead concentrating on solo endeavors. Taeyeon is probably the most successful in her solo endeavors in which she will be making a K-pop comeback this year with her first full-length studio album titled My Voice. Tiffany and Hyoyeon are also soloists too debuting with their respective debut title track songs “I Just Wanna Dance” and “Mystery.” Sooyoung, Yuri, and Yoona are in acting. Sooyoung is filming for her upcoming K-drama Polyclinic Doctor, Yuri is currently starring in Defendant opposite Ji Sung, and Yoona finished up The K2 opposite Ji Chang Wook and will move onward to The King Loves. Seohyun is doing both recently starring in web drama Ruby Ruby Love and making her soloist debut with title track song “Don’t Say No.” Finally, Sunny is rumored to make a solo debut this year though she does well as a host for variety shows and radio.

Still, Sones, K-pop fans who consider themselves devoted fans of SNSD, are waiting for their bias to make a comeback as a girl group. Their wish might be granted as reports claim that SNSD will be making a K-pop comeback this year. It is believed they’ll return on the 10-year anniversary of the date they made their debut with “Into the New World.”

SNSD group promo for 'Into the New World'

The news of SNSD making their K-pop comeback this year was first made known in an exclusive report by Korean news outlet Sports DongA. According to the exclusive via translation by AllKpop, SNSD plans to release an album this coming summer and it will most likely be near the end of July, right near August 3. For those who do not know or do not remember, August 3 is the date SNSD officially made their debut 10 years ago with “Into the New World.”

It also claims in the report that SNSD just recently started working on the new album. With this in mind, it is unknown if the other SNSD members will be simultaneously working on their solo endeavors while working on the latest SNSD K-pop comeback. At this point, we don’t know if said comeback will be a full-length studio album, an extended play (EP) or mini-album, or a single album.

However, the news of SNSD making a comeback might not be true or at least kept under wraps by SM Entertainment for the time being. According to Soompi, SM Entertainment responded to the news of SNSD making a K-pop comeback this coming summer near their anniversary date and what they had to say was debilitating for K-pop fans, especially Sones.

“There has not been anything decided yet.”

We do know that SNSD extended their contract by only three years but that was back in 2014. Since then, they released one full-length studio album and that was Lion Heart back in late 2015. The SM Station exclusive “Sailing” can be considered somewhat of a K-pop comeback for them but it did not get the same fanfare and promotion an SNSD comeback is known for. Still, the fact that the three-year extension is almost up and SNSD has only released one major album within that time has K-pop fans and Sones anticipating with bated breath.

Jessica Jung formerly of SNSD

Also, some K-pop fans, especially Sones, are wondering if SM Entertainment will reach out to Jessica Jung to take part in the 10-year anniversary. Despite what happened between her, SNSD, and the entertainment agency and label back in 2014 which caused them to part ways, Jessica has been a major part of SNSD for seven years. It would just feel like something is missing if she was not a part of the 10-year anniversary in some way, kind of like how it felt like something was missing when 2NE1 performed their farewell song “Good Bye” without Minzy. Unless SM Entertainment and Coridel Entertainment come up with some kind of deal along with all parties involved, specifically SNSD, SM Entertainment, and Jessica, being a-okay with it, the chances of seeing Jessica as part of the 10-year anniversary are near non-existent.

We will definitely know more the closer we get to the reported time frame SNSD will make their K-pop comeback. SM Entertainment’s statement may just be a means of keeping things under wraps given the fact it is still six months until August. There are other SM Entertainment projects that need to come first including Sunny’s rumored upcoming solo debut.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment/SNSD Official Daum Cafe]