UFO Sightings 2017: New Lightning Storm Video ‘Shows’ Alien Aircraft

Did a recent lightning storm in the United States reveal a circular-shaped UFO sighting? A recent video was posted on February 18, and it claims to be a possible 2017 UFO sighting. There is also evidence from NASA on February 22 that the possibility of humans living on other planets similar to Earth might be in our future.

Titled “UFO Appears after Thunderstrike – Video Analysis,” the clip now has about 52,000 views in just a few days. The location of the video setting was not listed, but the details in the description stated it was footage from a “recent thunderstorm in the US.”

Other details include that the lightning strike took place followed by a UFO that was visible for about 30 seconds. The sky around the alleged UFO sighting was also illuminated.

While there are no officials confirming or denying this particular UFO sighting posted on YouTube on February 18, another problem is referencing. In particular, the exact location, date, and time would be good information to share in order to validate a UFO sighting claim — especially in 2017.

One other thing to note about this video is how the description for the UFO sighting also states that they are not sure if the UFO got struck by lightning or whether it intended to use the “lightning for its energy.”

Interestingly, there have been several UFO sightings over the years associated with lights or lightning — but lightning storms are starting to be a UFO topic that is closely followed.

For example, it is normal for people to see UFOs if they create light, and stories about “lights in the sky” in places like Phoenix, Arizona are not unheard of, according to AZ Central.

Nevertheless, there are UFO sightings that have been taking place around lightning storms that have some believers intrigued, according to The Sun.

However, businessman Paul Sagan has written extensively about how “ball lightning” might explain some lights in the skies UFO sightings as well as the UFOs seen around lightning storms — and he wrote a book about it.

A new UFO video was posted on YouTube that shows what is assumed to be an alien aircraft that became visible after a lightning strike. [Image by David McNew/Newsmakers]

Although this particular UFO sighting posted on YouTube on February 18 might be open for debate due to lack of crucial independent-party data for verification purposes, there were 130 UFO sightings reported in New Jersey in less than two months in 2017.

According to NJ 1015, this number is surprising because in 2016, there were only 120 UFO sightings in New Jersey as reported by the National UFO Reporting Center.

Adding to this, Express stated that UFO sightings in the Middle East are on the rise in 2017, but they were first attributed to possible missiles testing in Iran or Kuwait. However, it was later sorted out that it was not a UFO sighting, but instead, that theory was changed by researcher Scott Brando of UFOofInterest.org.

The new theory is that the “UFO sighting” was possibly a part of the rocket involved with the February 19 launch by Space X from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Due to the orbit, the castaway rocket launch equipment would have “passed over the Middle East at the time of the sightings.”

Claims of UFO sightings are common in America. [Image by Barney Wayne/Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images]

Of course, there are always informative interviews by magazines that detail alleged alien abductions and are often associated with UFO sightings. Regardless, People explains that there is one annual conference where these claims of UFO sightings and alien abductions are thoroughly examined by researchers.

For example, at the February 2017 International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills, Arizona, researchers have examined claims on a scientific basis for over 20 years.

About alien abductions associated with UFO sightings, the International UFO Congress takes them very seriously and “news reporters were not allowed to attend sessions” where abductees speak about their experiences.

In the end, anyone interested in UFO sightings or other activity in the skies might be interested in NASA’s new open talk with the public. NASA took top questions from call-in viewers during a live video feed on February 22. The initial reason for the NASA conference was related to the discovery of planets beyond our solar system that could potentially support human life.

A separate press release from NASA from February 22 concerns visual information paired with scientific data that shows evidence about potential earth-like planets about 40 light years from Earth in the Trappist 1 solar system.

Altogether, there are three planets in Trappist 1 that may be habitable due to the presence of water, but more information is needed about the sun the planets revolve around before humans could consider exploring those planets for future colonies.

NASA will release more detailed images related to the Trappist 1 planets in early March. The habitability of Trappist 1 planets will be updated in 2018 because NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope will launch in 2018. The new telescope has extreme sensitivity and NASA stated the following about the Webb’s capability.

“[The Webb Telescope] will detect the chemical fingerprints of water, methane, oxygen, ozone, and other components of a planet’s atmosphere. Webb also will analyze planets’ temperatures and surface pressures – key factors in assessing their habitability.”

[Feature Image by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers]

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