‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Walker Dress Connects Estranged Sisters?

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 10’s “New Best Friends” story introduced the Scavengers, but now there’s a fan theory regarding a possible connection between the newly discovered colony and the Kingdom. If you recall King Ezekiel’s tense rendezvous with the Saviors, Dianne, one of the knights of the Kingdom, seemed to be fixated on that one walker’s dress.

“My sister had that dress.”

Of course, it looks like the Scavengers have a different kind of minimalist wardrobe, where fashion is no longer a priority, as well as a language that outsiders, like Rick and his people, need to get used to.

Walking Dead fan and Reddit user mbdnr took special notice of a possible connection between Kerry Cahill’s character, Dianne, and the Scavenger addition of actress Sabrina Gennario’s Tamiel.

“Diane, one of Ezekiel’s troops, after shooting a walker: ‘My sister had that dress.’ Then, after a long scene in which the Saviors and the Kingdom squared up, she added: ‘I used to love that dress.’ Later we see Junkyard and meet Tamiel. These both characters have been accented in the last episode. They look similar. Is it possible they are sisters?”

A couple of days ago, both actresses posted a kind of “besties” Instagram photo of each other watching The Walking Dead.


If you put them together face-to-face like that, they do have similar features, which is what brought up the whole speculation on Reddit, to begin with. If you think about it, one of her cohorts said not to think about it. She still seems moderately obsessed with what was shown.

It’s not uncommon for people that are still living in this world to come across undead friends and loved ones. Morgan had his wife to deal with in Season 1, and Gabriel encountered what appeared to be a former church patron, a walker with glasses. He froze, and it made a significant impact on him. Rick Grimes new right off the bat that it was someone Gabriel knew.

These had been minor encounters, and if this is yet another method by which The Walking Dead will do it again, it will be interesting if these theories turn out to be true and add a remarkable subplot of sisters reconnecting via the battle against Negan and the Saviors.

If you recall the highly memorable and saddening moment when Shane let Sophia out of the barn and Carol made that horrendous discovery. There is also Daryl’s encounter of his brother Merle’s undead husk. So would you not put it past the crew of The Walking Dead to make an interesting subplot out of these two women possibly being related and tied to the dress?

Considering Rick Grimes needs weapons to satiate the Scavengers in order to garner an allied force with the Alexandrian group, would this connection, if it becomes true, motivate the bonds between the allied forces?

Of course, this theory could be far reaching considering that fans thought Daryl was blinking “I EAST” to Rick in Morse Code to indicate the direction of the Saviors. Fans even sought to substantiate that non-verbal interaction to the displayed on the Morse Code board in one of the houses in Alexandria.

What do you think? Do you think there’s a significance in the case of Dianne’s fixation on that walker’s dress? Do you see a tie-in that could reinforce the “Rise Up” movement on The Walking Dead?

How similar in appearance do you think these two actors are?

Stay tuned every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on AMC to confirm the fan theories and speculation.

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