Angelina Jolie Eating Spiders, Shows Her Kids Survivalist Cooking Skills

Angelina Jolie has been eating spiders and introducing the concept to her kids. No, she hasn’t become poor enough to go full Mad Max and avoid buying what Americans call normal groceries. It’s all part of showing her kids how Cambodians survived during wartime.

Jolie has reportedly done a lot of weird things in her life. She has become a natural mother as well as an adopted one alongside Brad Pitt, after years of him jumping from failed relationship to failed relationship, and she now has experienced another failed relationship. She was part of the first wave of leads in a genre of film which has become known for its alleged “curse,” the movie based on the Tomb Raider video games. She even co-starred with Nicolas Cage in the remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds, playing his thrill-seeking love interest, and shared the screen with James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in Wanted.

Angelina and Brad had also refused to get married until gay and lesbian couples could do the same legally. Sadly, their stance lasted almost longer than their marriage.

Now you can add eating spiders to Angelina Jolie’s list of weird things to do. Most of us in first-world countries see things like that as disgusting and horrific, but in war-torn third-world nations like Cambodia, it’s been a means for survival. She apparently doesn’t want her kids forgetting that and growing up to be spoiled Hollywood hooligans. She understands that it’s important to infuse a level of appreciation for the things we often take for granted.

Tarantulas were on the menu as Angelina Jolie fed her kids.
Large spiders were on the menu as Angelina Jolie fed her kids. [Image by Alen thien/Shutterstock]

In the video, Angelina explained how she eased herself into the strange diet, starting with crickets, which visually are probably the least repulsive of the larger insects. In some restaurants, they are often dipped in chocolate and served to the brave few who want to show their friends how adventurous they are. She eventually moved on to tarantulas, which are actually arachnids rather than insects and among the most deadly when threatened.

Angelina showed her kids and native Cambodians how to remove the fangs from said arachnids, since those teeth can be a real problem when chewing. It’s literally removing the bone from your food before cooking it.

Probably the weirdest part of the experience Jolie is showing is scorpions. These arachnids are often the kinds of thing you try to avoid, as one sting from a live one can ruin your day. She didn’t say it, but it’s probably a good idea to remove the stinger before placing a dead scorpion into the pan, since you don’t want to ingest the poison by accident. She mentioned that scorpions were a bit more tough and hard to chew, likely due to the carapace, which is a literal exoskeleton, and the muscle scorpions probably have in their tails and claws.

Probably the most controversial item on the menu was scorpions.
Probably the most controversial item on the menu was scorpions. [Image by Audrey Snider-Bell/Shutterstock]

Something Angelina didn’t show was the method of killing these creepy crawlers, as smashing would likely ruin the meat and poison would simply become part of the meal.

Angelina Jolie added the insects to what appears to be a cast-iron frying pan and eased her kids into the act of cooking and consuming the creatures, as reported by Us Weekly. One of them stated that the bugs were like flavorless chips, an issue that could be solved if you really want to get creative and have the right ingredients on hand.

A possible way to add flavor is to marinate the insects and arachnids in a mix of olive oil and lemon juice, add minced garlic alongside them, and season with salt. If you can find a way to kill the bugs around your home without smashing them, you might have an unconventional meal without doing much shopping at all.

After all, it’s good enough for Angelina Jolie and her family.

[Featured Image by PAN Photo Agency/Shutterstock]