Judge Judy Reveals Her Bikini Body To Celebrate Her 70th Birthday

Despite celebrating her 70th birthday just a few short weeks ago it’s clear to see that the TV court show host Judge Judith Sheimdlin, aka Judge Judy, has a body that would make most women more than half her age jealous.

Appearing on Katie Couric’s new show, Katie, Judy showcased photos from a recent family vacation in The Exumas last month that she took with her husband and five children, defying her age whilst wearing a white halterneck bikini.

Judy explained to Ms Couric, “I exercise, and I eat reasonably, and I don’t want to look at myself being out of shape. That would depress me. So I just kept up a regimen.” The judge even went on to discuss her vacation, chatting about swimming with pigs on holiday and then sharing anecdotes from her 70th birthday, which was on October 21st and coincided with her 37th wedding anniversary to her husband Jerry Sheindlin.

However Judy admitted that although she likes wearing a two-piece swimsuit “it’s probably the last time it will happen.” Her show is currently in it’s 17th season and has been on air for 14 years and will run on until at least 2015. It’s still the number one spot in daytime TV, plus she’s also recently launched a website entitled What Would Judy Say.

Last year, Judy was rushed to hospital from the set of her legal show and fears grew over her health but she stated, “I feel terrific. I still love working. I still love being in the mix of things.”