Chloe Khan Spent £50k On Plastic Surgeries Including A Nose Job, Is It Worth It?

Chloe Khan is a self-confessed lover of cosmetic surgeries and even revealed that she has spent about £50K to beautify herself through surgery. Earlier this month, she went under the knife again to get a nose job, but reports claimed that it wasn’t for vanity reasons. What is it then? Read on.

Looking straight and looking good

Chloe Khan catapulted into stardom after being part of The X Factor in 2010 but didn’t last long after allegations erupted that she had taken cocaine during the show. However, that stint didn’t affect the star as she started a webcam business that earned a million British Pounds. Chloe came back in the limelight when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 2016 edition. Currently, the mother-of-one has her hands full of photo shoots, modeling gigs, and public event appearances.

Chloe Khan £50K nose job…is it worth it? See for yourself
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The Wakefield beauty has also been active in the social media and her latest snap on Instagram last Tuesday got tongues wagging. There were reports that she had undergone a recent nose job and although she didn’t confirm this, Chloe’s recent pic of herself inside a car and showcasing her bandaged nose may be just the truth we need.

In the photo, Chloe looked absolutely glamorous as she sipped from a bedazzled Starbucks cup with a matching blinged-up iPhone case in the car door. She chose a raunchy white dress with cut-outs at the bottom and paired it with knee-length brown boots. The model also put on fur-trimmed gloves and a catchy Louis Vuitton belt cinched at her waist. Most noticeable of all was the bandaged nose from her recent nose job; she captioned the photo, “MATERIAL WORLD.”

When she arrived at Drake’s concert in Manchester later that day, she ditched the bandage and put on a pout in front of the camera. She even blew kisses to the photographers at the venue showing her now-straight nose.

It’s a corrective nose job, and not for vanity purposes

A source revealed to The Sun online, “Chloe recently underwent recent nose surgery to fix a deviated septum which was causing her severe sinus and breathing problems. It wasn’t for vanity reasons. Her nose is still very swollen and she is in the early stages of recovery.”

The nose job was reported to cost £9K. The busty model is not a stranger to cosmetic surgeries as she also did some huge work on her boobs, which took her up to a 32HH. What a bust! Plus, she’s very confident in giving us a full display of her ample cleavage.

Last year, Chloe admitted that she’s not really addicted to choosing the surgical world to improve her assets; instead, she insists that her living in LA for some showbiz work has contributed to her decision on being under the knife.

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“I’m not addicted [to surgery], but when you have something done and you love the results, it makes you want to get something else. In my circles, surgery isn’t weird. It’s like going for dinner! I love looking like a Barbie and being out of proportion. I’ve spent about £20K on my boobs, £8.5K on veneers, my nose job was £9K and my lips were another £10K, so it’s about £50K in total,” Khan told New Magazine.

Her nose is looking great!

The 26-year-old star was then eager to showcase her new, albeit slightly swollen nose as she stepped out in Liverpool for a photo shoot with Gaz Beadle and Aaron Chalmer. She wore a coordinated black outfit with a semi-sheer deep-V black top, black leggings, socks, and Perspex heels.

For the shoot, Chloe wore skimpy lace lingerie that highlighted her full bosom and perky bum underneath a black robe. She completed it with matching black socks and running shoes.

[Featured Image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]