‘LHHNY’: Tara Wallace, Peter Gunz Spotted Together During Apparent Date Night

Did Tara Wallace take Peter Gunz back after he asked Amina Buddafly for a divorce? According to Bossip, the on-again, off again couple may have reconciled yet again. It was reported that Tara and Peter were spotted out together just days ago while they enjoyed the Gregory Porter Valentine’s jazz concert.

There have been questions floating around for weeks regarding whether Tara will take Peter back or not. For Tara’s birthday this year, Gunz threw his former girlfriend a huge party and even surprised her by flying in her brother to be there for the celebration. It was at that party where Peter offered up a heartfelt apology to Tara and her friends and family for the way he treated her in the past.


Peter told Tara that he wanted her to give him another chance, although everyone knows he doesn’t deserve it. After all, Tara and Peter were together for 13 years but all that time didn’t seem to matter when he met Amina Buddafly and started managing her music. Love & Hip Hop: New York fans watched as Peter carried on a secret romance with Amina and then secretly marrying her too, letting Tara find out about the union on the VH1 reality show.

For the past few years, Peter Gunz has floated back and forth between Tara and Amina, promising both of them that they were the one he wanted to be with. Things got really messy when Peter got Amina pregnant, only for the German-born singer to opt for an abortion because she had learned that Peter was still cheating on her with Tara.

Well, soon after Amina’s abortion, Tara Wallace confirmed that she, too, was pregnant with Peter’s child and she was keeping it. When Amina found out that Tara was pregnant with her third child by Peter, it was a really hard episode to watch.


Amina didn’t leave Petter for cheating on her and getting Tara pregnant, though. She got even instead and also ended up pregnant with Petet’s child again. It was on the Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 6 reunion show stage where a newly pregnant Amina announced her baby news while a much more pregnant Tara sat with her jaw dropped to the floor. That’s right, Peter Gunz had a baby with each of the women within months of each other, bringing his total kid count to 10.

Even though Amina Buddafly was pregnant with her second child by Peter Gunz, she was over the drama between him and Tara Wallace. She decided to move to Los Angeles to get away from her husband and his philandering ways. That doesn’t mean that Amina is over her man, though. At this point, it seems like neither of the women wants Peter but they also don’t want each other to have him either.


Near the end of Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: New York, the Tara, Amina and Peter storyline finally popped up again when Amina traveled back to New York City with her two daughters. It was then that Amina finally confronted Peter, who had begun chasing after Tara again in her absence. Peter asked Amina for a divorce, which she said she wouldn’t fight but also said she really didn’t want. Now it looks like she is willing to continue fighting against Tara for Peter’s love.

That still hasn’t stopped Peter from chasing after Tara and it looks like the pair really may have reconciled. On the first part of the LHHNY Season 7 reunion show, when Cisco Rosado finally paid up that $10k Peter wanted from him, he immediately handed the check over to Tara, who tucked it safely into her bra.

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If Tara and Peter are back together, they have been pretty careful about being seen together in recent weeks except maybe this one outing just three days after Valentine’s Day. According to the report, Tara and Peter looked pretty cozy and they were definitely dressed up for their date night.

If Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz are back together, it wouldn’t be the first time she has taken them back. It makes fans wonder what Amina Buddafly must think about the love triangle and whether or not she signed off on those divorce papers that Peter request on Love & Hip Hop: New York.

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