‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Homestead Update Now Live On PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Over 2,000 housing items and 39 homes are now available to own in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Homestead update is live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, giving console players a chance to become homeowners, craft new furnishings, complete Master Crafting Writs, and earn new rewards in the Imperial City and Cyrodiil.

Homes across Tamriel can be purchased with in-game gold or with Crowns purchased with real money. A player can own as many homes as they can afford and all characters on their account will have access to them. After a home is purchased players can customize the lot’s interior and exterior, if available, with furniture, decorations, and more. Players can even set permissions for their friends and guildmates to show off their home according to The Elder Scrolls Online website.

At launch, the 39 homes are only located in base-game areas. No zone added as part of downloadable content has a home in it right now. There are six types of homes based on their size and item capacity. There is an inn room for each faction that can be unlocked after doing the quests unlocked with the “Housing Brochure.” The brochure can be picked up from the housing broker. The inn room is free to a member of the faction that unlocks it, but a single character can purchase the other two inn rooms if they wish. Since houses are shared at the account level, another character on the account can unlock the free inn room by completing their faction’s quest.

The House of the Silent Magnifico in Sentinel costs 320,000 gold [Image by Bethesda]

Apartments, small homes, medium homes, large homes, and manors are also housing options in The Elder Scrolls Online. Each house type is more expensive than the next but larger domiciles can hold more items. Additionally, a subscriber to ESO Plus can place double the items that a free player can in their homes. This includes furniture, decorations, and collection items. In fact, players can place their Assistants, mounts, and pets in their homes. Assistants will even offer their services when put in a home.

As the Inquisitr reported, prices vary based on the type of house in The Elder Scrolls Online. Apartments are less than 15,000 gold while small homes range from 40,000 to 73,000 gold. Medium homes cost as little as 190,000 gold but can reach as much as 335,000 gold. Large homes are much bigger investments with the cheapest still costing 760,000 gold and the most expensive sporting a 1.2 million price tag. Finally, the most costly and fancy homes are manors. These estates hold the most items and are the largest lots available to players to customize. However, the three manors in the game cost upwards of 3.7 million gold.

Players on PlayStation 4 can download and enjoy the Homestead update now after a download over 20 gigabytes according to the official patch notes. Those on Xbox One will need to download an update over 26 gigabytes before getting back into the MMORPG. In addition to the new player housing options, the update also includes new crafting quests and updates to the vendors in the Imperial City and Cyrodiil.

All tradeskills have new housing plans to find in Tamriel [Image by Bethesda]

Crafting characters have new Master Crafting Writs to find when opening writs at the maximum tier. A Master Crafting Writ tasks the player with crafting special items that reward Writ Vouchers when turned in. Writ Vouchers are used to buy items like Motif chapters, the Ebony Motif, legendary furniture plans, unique components for new housing items, crafting stations, and much more.

For PvP enthusiasts in The Elder Scrolls Online, the latest update adjusted the items on Imperial City vendors. The lockbox merchant sells boxes for less than before with the Impenetrable and Nirnhoned traits not applied to gear from these boxes. There is also a separate jewelry lockbox, and the armorer and greater armorer are now the First Armorer and the Second Armorer. In Cyrodiil, players will find new Zone Bags that offer players set items from specific zones that scale to the level of the player opening it.

Homestead is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. New player housing, furniture crafting, and PvP vendor changes are part of the update alongside a Champion Point increase and other fixes. The Champion Point cap is now 600, an increase of 39 points, in The Elder Scrolls Online.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]