Happy Thanksgiving, But Watch Out For Wild Turkey Attacks [Video]

Farmington, CT – Need something else to worry about besides the zombie apocalypse? In that case, you might be forewarned about a counter-attack by wild turkeys just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

As captured in these news videos below, a Connecticut motorist has had several close and “fowl” encounters with aggressive turkeys on the way to work. These turkeys seemed to be entirely comfortable in blocking the road as commuteres try to get by. Marcos Carreras, the man in the videos, even refers to one of the menacing gobblers who approached his car and pecked at the car door as “Frankenturkey.” Apparently, the birds gather at the same local intersection in Farmington, Connecticut every morning.

Connecticut officials claim that there are about 35,000 wild turkeys out and about in the state, but aggressive behavior by the birds is unusual, according to NBC News Connecticut. Given that there is plenty of food for Frankenturkey and his many friends in the woods, officials indicate that it is a bad idea for people to feed wild turkeys because that could make them more confrontational and brazen with humans.

Watch these videos from NBC News about the Frankenturkey attack in Connecticut:

Are you looking forward to chowing down on turkey during your Thanksgiving feast next week? Do you have any misgivings about how many birds will be carved up for the holiday celebration?

[Turkey image credit: Shakeelgilgity]

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