Winter White House: Trump Vacations Impact Palm Beach Businesses

President Donald Trump’s weekly vacations to his “winter White House,” the Palm Beach, Florida Mar-A-Lago Club, are carrying a significant economic impact, both to taxpayers and local businesses, according to a recent report in the New York Times, which states that $200,000 in fuel sales were lost during one weekend visit, 250 flights have been grounded, and that costs for deputies to maintain road closures are running $60,000 per day, among other considerations, including 75 no-shows at a recently opened restaurant, cancelled parachute jumping, cancelled flight lessons, cancelled helicopter rides, and cancelled advertising services.

It has been noted that many of the businesses located within the no-fly zone surrounding the president, which have been affected, are recreational in nature and depend upon weekend revenues for their livelihood.

“If this goes on every weekend, basically, that’s unsustainable for us,” a flight school owner was quoted by the Palm Beach Post.

The Inquisitr has previously featured President Trump’s campaign promise that he would never take vacations, his regular criticism of former President Barack Obama’s vacation schedule, and the fact that Trump is on track to surpass Obama’s entire eight-year vacation budget in the first two years of his presidency.

“I’m getting customers that have been with me for years, and they’re actually moving their aircraft to other airports so they can fly,” Dave Johnson, the owner of Palm Beach Owner Services, stated.

Though Air Force One lands at Palm Beach International Airport, a no-zone surrounding the president results in all aviation activities within it being brought to a standstill. The Sun Sentinel reports that Air Force jets have been deployed to enforce the zone.

John Iadarola, with The Young Turks, recalled shutdowns and other inconveniences associated with trips made by Barack Obama to Los Angeles and former President Bill Clinton to Martha’s Vineyard and explained that such occurrences were a normal part of any presidency.

“The guy has played golf, like, five or six times in the last month,” Iadarola observed. “We just want him to be reasonable.”

“Why does Donald Trump go to Mar-A-Lago, every single weekend?” TYT host Ana Kasparian asked. “And why did he also simultaneously increase the annual fee?”

President Donald Trump descends stairs, disembarking Air Force One at the Palm Beach International Airport. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Kasparian noted that the president continues to profit from Mar-A-Lago and the fact that he seems to use press conferences to advertise the “winter White House.” She continued that Trump makes it clear to the public that he is going to be in Palm Beach each weekend, allowing those who can afford to pay the $200,000 fee a chance to potentially interact with the president personally.

The TYT host explained her opinion that, while taking excessive vacation time is certainly a problem, the profit motive attached to Trump’s appearances at Mar-A-Lago makes it “wrong all around.” She also cited a lack of “consideration and concern” for the Palm Beach business owners affected by the president’s travels.

“It makes me sick to know this is happening,” Kasparian stated.

A kayak displays a banner that reads ‘dump Trump’, near the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

John Iadarola expressed a belief that if President Trump had buckled down and worked for “two months” before taking a vacation that no one could find fault with his plans. He cited Stellar Aviation Group owner Jonathon Miller’s predicament of losing $30,000 per missed flight and challenged President Trump, as a champion of business, to simply pay Miller, and other business owners’, lost revenues.

“This is a good test of his words versus his actions,” Miller was quoted.

Airport Director for Palm Beach County Bruce Pelly has appealed to the Secret Service and offered “everything we can think of” in attempt to get businesses running again on weekends, which the president’s security force has reportedly continued to deny. Pelly added, “We are not giving up.”

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