Andi Dorfman Crashes Nick Viall’s ‘Bachelor’ Party, Josh Murray Weighs In

Andi Dorfman is back! The Bachelorette star is set to reunite with her former suitor, Nick Viall, on his season of The Bachelor. The most recent episode of the ABC reality show ended on a cliffhanger with Andi showing up at Nick’s hotel room in New York. Now, Dorfman is teasing what’s to come as she confronts the man who publicly shamed her after their Fantasy Suite overnight date three years ago.

Andi Dorfman took to Twitter to apologize in advance for what’s to come on next week’s episode of The Bachelor. Dorfman also told fans “the wine has officially been poured.”

Viall probably wasn’t expecting to see Andi Dorfman while on his latest journey to find love, but a teaser for next week (which can be seen in the video below) shows Andi’s awkward confrontation. In the clip, Viall tells Dorfman that her visit is “very unexpected,” then he says, “This is blowing my mind.”

Dorfman tells her ex that he needs to be honest. While Nick is still not sure what’s going to happen with his final ladies, Vanessa, Raven, Corinne, and Rachel at this point, he rehashes the fact that he fell in love twice on the ABC reality franchise (with Dorfman and later with her Bachelorette successor, Kaitlyn Bristowe, who also left him as her runner-up).

Spoiler king Reality Steve previously posted that Andi’s cameo took place during filming at the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, New York last fall, and that she shows up to give her ex “advice.” Reality Steve makes it clear that Andi is not coming to try to win Nick’s heart back. The blogger also pointed out that Andi Dorfman’s Instagram account shows that she was at the William Vale Hotel back in early November.

Relaxing with a heck of a Saturday view ... minus some fugly feet ???? ???? #winsomelosesome #nyc

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Of course, diehard fans know this isn’t the first time Nick has run into Andi Dorfman since their highly publicized After the Final Rose showdown. Last month, Dorfman and Bristowe teamed up to face the current Bachelor star on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During the late night reunion, Viall thanked Andi Dorfman for not picking him as her final guy. It was also revealed that all three Bachelor alums are on friendly terms.

When Nick’s Bachelor gig was first announced, Andi told Us Weekly she was rooting for Nick to find love after trying so many times. (In addition to two previous Bachelorette stints, he also appeared on last summer’s Bachelor in Paradise).

“I think if anyone has like earned it and has been perseverance about love on TV, it’s Nick so I’m going to root for him,” Dorfman told the celebrity gossip magazine. “He’s a decent guy.”

In a separate Us interview, Dorfman said she believes her ex is sincere in his intentions.

“I had my ups and downs with Nick, but the thing I will say about him is I know that he is genuine in what he wants and that is love, whether or not he goes about it the way that everybody else would, ” Andi said. “I still definitely believe that his intentions are absolutely to fall in love. “

Andi Dorfman has clearly changed her tune when it comes to Nick Viall. During Andi’s After the Final Rose episode, Viall questioned why she “made love” with him in the Fantasy Suite when she knew she was picking Josh Murray as her final guy. A furious Dorfman later told the Huffington Post that her runner-up was “classless” for bringing up their Fantasy Suite hookup on national TV.

Andi later wrote about her relationship with Nick in a tell-all book, It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After, revealing that the revelation of her overnight date with Viall caused tension in her relationship with Murray and contributed to the end of their engagement.

As for Murray, he recently told Entertainment Tonight that he thinks Andi and Nick deserve each other.

“Knowing both of the people and who they are, they should have ended up together,” he said.

Murray also revealed that he has “no intention of ever seeing or talking” to Andi Dorfman again, although he teased that he has enough inside information to write his own tell-all, but that it wouldn’t be pretty.

“It’s very tempting, to tell the truth,” he said. “There could be a book written that would be very, very bad, but that’s not something I want to do.”

Take a look at the video below to see Andi Dorfman’s surprise visit to The Bachelor.

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