‘Teen Mom’ Rumors: What Happened During Amber Portwood’s Wild Wedding Weekend?

Let’s give a big round of applause for Amber Portwood, the Teen Mom star who just got married to her longtime, controversial boyfriend, Matt Baier. Thanks to her new marriage, Amber Portwood is now dominating the Teen Mom rumors reports. So, what really happened during her wild wedding weekend?

First, according to the latest Teen Mom rumors from Radar Online, Matt Baier was the one who started the “wedding” rumors when he posted a picture of the two of them together on his Instagram on February 16. He captioned the photo of the two of them together as “going to the chapel, and we’re going to get married.”

This almost immediately started a series of rumors that the two were going to Vegas to tie the knot. Sensing the confusion, Matt took to his Instagram again to post a follow-up picture and to clarify the rumors.

“Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes,” said Matt, “but [Amber and I] are not getting married. We’re attending the wedding of our good friends.”

Does that mean Amber and Matt won’t be tying the knot in the future? According to the latest Teen Mom rumors from Us Weekly, marriage is definitely on the table for the couple. The two have been together since 2014, but they’ve certainly had their fair share of problems since they first began dating, and in the last season of the show, their problems seemed to explode in front of the cameras for all to see.

In fact, the couple was originally supposed to tie the knot in 2016, but Amber postponed the wedding when she discovered that Matt was trying to get with Farrah Abraham, her Teen Mom co-star.

This immediately got Amber’s co-stars to try to stage an intervention so that she wouldn’t marry Matt. Matt, however, claimed that Amber knew everything about his past and had nothing to get upset about.

“Baier, who has five children from three long-term relationships, told Us Weekly in March that a woman claiming to be the mother of his sixth child ‘hasn’t been disproven yet,’ but he never lied to Portwood about his past. ‘People made the assumption that I was some serial fornicator that was impregnating everybody and then just disappearing,’ he told Us. ‘Amber knows everything.'”

But according to the latest Teen Mom rumors from TMZ, Amber has enough problems of her own without having to add the boyfriend — and his kids — into the mix, so maybe she should hold off on getting married and get her life together before she considers getting married.

TMZ is reporting that Amber only recently cleared up the rent issue with her landlord, but she still is reeling from the fact that the landlord tried to “smear her good name” by beginning an eviction proceeding.

“Kisby Enterprises had filed docs to have the former ‘Teen Mom’ and her fiance evicted, and claimed they owed $2,640 in back payments and damage to the crib. Amber and Matt Blair tell us Kisby’s full of it — saying they never missed a single payment, plus they paid a $32,200 down payment… and they’ve got the docs to back it up. Kisby Enterprises admitted to us… there was an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding’ and it now intends to withdraw the eviction filing. Amber and Matt say the damage has been done to their reputations, and she has a theory on why Kisby even attempted to push them out.”

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