‘Prison Break’ Season 5: Creator Says ‘There Will Be Deaths,’ Hints Season 6

Prison Break Season 5 may see Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) return from the dead, but that does not mean the Grim Reaper will be kept at bay in the revival series.

Show creator Paul Scheuring recently took to Twitter to tease what the new season of the hit drama will entail, and it turns out that viewers will have a lot to worry about.

Scheuring advised fans to read up on Homer’s Odyssey to get an idea of what Prison Break Season 5 will be about as the revival was loosely based on the ancient Greek epic poem.

One fan expressed concern as the hero in the story, Odysseus, lost his crew during their long and dangerous journey home. Scheuring teased in reply that this might be the case in Prison Break Season 5 as well, warning that “there will be deaths.”

His response has fans fearing for the lives of the group who will make their way to Yemen to break Michael out of prison and get him safely out of the country, which is no easy task.

In the line of fire are Michael’s brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and his best friend, Sucre (Amaury Nolasco). Both men will not think twice about taking the chance to save him no matter how dangerous it could become.

Michael and Lincoln in ‘Prison Break’ Season 5. [Image by FOX]

Many will be heartbroken to see either one of them go, so fans could only hope they make it out alive in Prison Break Season 5. This is not, however, guaranteed.

In another tweet, Scheuring even teased the possibility that Prison Break Season 5 might see Lincoln become the goner this time. Considering what he is about to do, he definitely puts himself in harm’s way.

As for Michael, Scheuring also had a lot to say on Twitter about the character. For starters, he likened the Prison Break protagonist to Odysseus, describing the two as “‘nobodies’ with secret globe-spanning agendas.”

This gives the impression that the character has a big plan brewing in Prison Break Season 5. What that could happen remains to be seen, although his desire to be with his family could be the center of it all.

Scheuring also made sure that fans know and understand that the old Michael — the one that they knew and loved in the original Prison Break series — is no more. He even implied that the character turning up alive does not mean he will stay that way in Prison Break Season 5.

“Michael’s dead. He can’t be hurt. But whoever Wentworth Miller is playing in this season might get hurt.”

While it has been made clear that Michael is not as dead as he was, what the Prison Break creator suggests is that the version of him that will return in Season 5 will not be the same. Seven years have passed and many things have changed since then, including Michael.

This will definitely impact how things turn out for him in the love department come Prison Break Season 5. In Odyssey, Odysseus managed to reunite with his wife, Penelope. One fan believes that the hero might share the same fate with Lincoln’s little bro.

However, Scheuring warned fans not to count on that happening in Prison Break Season 5 just yet. While he implied that Odysseus and Michael may have a parallel destiny, he “didn’t necessarily say” that a happy ending is in place for the latter.


It is true that there is nothing more important to Michael than seeing his wife and son and while he will do everything in his power to make that happen, there will be tons of obstacles in his way.

With Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) already with someone else by the name Jacob (Mark Feuerstein) and Michael’s fear that the love of his life will not recognize him after everything that happened to him, a happy family reunion might be a bit of a tall order.

Meanwhile, Scheuring also expressed his interest to do Prison Break Season 6. When asked about the possibility of Mahone (William Fichtner) returning, he had a promising response.

It has already been confirmed that Fichtner will not reprise his role. Robert Knepper, who will be back as T-Bag in the series, revealed to Digital Spy that Scheuring decided to leave out the character from Prison Break Season 5 because he does not fit in the story. But it seems that this is not the end for Mahone after all.

At the moment, Season 6 is not announced yet, but his reply sure gives fans hope. Scheuring has been adamant that this Prison Break return is just a one-time thing, having structured it as a limited series only, but him teasing the possibility of a renewal should mean something.

Prison Break Season 5 will premiere on Tuesday, April 4 at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.


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