Ivanka Trump Weight Loss Aids And Sanitary Pads: Chinese Firms Are Cashing In

Ivanka Trump weight loss services? If Chinese companies have their way, we might soon see dozens of weird products carry the name Ivanka, named after Donald Trump’s popular daughter. As the daughter of the President of The United States, and an accomplished business woman, Ivanka Trump’s name and brand are very popular – and controversial – all over the world these days. In China, dozens of companies are fighting to trademark Ivanka’s name for their products, from sanitary napkins to alcohol and food supplements.

At least 65 trademark applications have been submitted by Chinese businesses for products bearing the name Ivanka, the South China Morning Post reports. Most of the applications are still being processed in Beijing, and at this point, it is still unknown whether the Chinese trademark authority will approve them, and when.

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The Chinese company trying to create an Ivanka Trump weight loss service has filed 10 applications to use the name Ivanka, for various products ranging from dietary nutritional supplements to cosmetics, according to the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce. Other Chinese products seeking to use Ivanka Trump’s name include wallpapers, alcohol, sanitary towels, and clothing.

According to Mashable, there are already at least 40 Chinese companies that have registered their corporate identities under the name Ivanka – from businesses that sell seafood, to companies that sell women’s lingerie. Additionally, there are Chinese companies that are already selling products with Ivanka’s name on them, from handbags to shoes.

Since Ivanka Trump already has her own fashion brand, her company owns the rights to use the name Ivanka for clothing and shoes in China – which would only increase the confusion. Ivanka’s company also filed application to use the name – her name – for jewelry and bags in China.

Trademark rules in China operate differently and separately than the laws in the United States. Chinese businesses are often allowed to use foreign names for their products, even if those names are already trademarked in other countries – a regulation which was often the cause of international disputes.

Similar to a possible Chinese Ivanka Trump weight loss product, a Chinese company was selling shoes with the name and photo of basketball star Michael Jordan – without his consent. After a four-year court battle, the Chinese authorities finally ruled, last December, that the company needs to stop selling its Michael Jordan shoes.

Ivanka Trump’s father, President Donald Trump, had his own issues with Chinese trademark laws after a local construction company secured the rights to use the name Trump in China. After years of legal battles, Donald Trump was only recently given the rights to use his name on construction projects in the country.

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While Ivanka Trump’s popularity soars in China, in the United States her brand has known some ups and downs. Sales of her clothing line have been declining, leading to major retail chain Nordstrom dropping the line altogether. Donald Trump supporters were quick to call for a boycott of Nordstrom, with the president himself claiming that his daughter was treated unfairly.

Despite the clothing line issues, and even though there is no Ivanka Trump weight loss product in sight yet (at least in the United States), Ivanka is having tremendous success with another product bearing her name – the Ivanka Trump perfume. As reported on The Inquisitr, Ivanka’s perfume has taken the two top spots on Amazon’s best sellers list of Women’s eau de parfum. The Amazon description certainly promises a lot.

“An alluring and feminine floral Oriental. A symbol of strength in grace and beauty. The new fragrance by Ivanka Trump”

It remains to be seen whether we eventually get to see Chinese versions of an Ivanka Trump weight loss service or an Ivanka sanitary pad – but it’s clear that her name and brand still carry of lot of business weight.

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