Russia Has A Psychological Dossier On Trump

A number of mental health professionals have queried President Trump’s psychological traits; Vladimir Putin seems to be taking the same route.

According to NBC News, a team of Putin staffers and retired diplomats have compiled a psychological dossier on the 45th president of the United States. The aim is for the Russian leader to understand how Trump thinks before the pair meet. A meeting might be possible ahead between the two world leaders before the G20 summit in July. Both leaders have spoken over the phone and expressed a seeming willingness to repair US-Russia relations which took a serious dent when Russia occupied Crimea in 2014.

The seven-page paper paints a psychological portrait of the U.S. president and allegedly concludes that he is a risk-taker and can be naïve. Many feelers in the Kremlin view the 70-year-old billionaire president as a man who sees his job as a business. Moreover, they believe that the president does not have the spleen to implement any policy changes that he might make in Russia’s favor. A former diplomat revealed that the bane of Trump’s problem was that he was not listening to those with better experience and expertise.

“Trump is not living in a box—he is living in a crowd. He should listen to the people around him, especially in the areas where he is weak.”

It is not unusual for a president or leader to be briefed over a counterpart before entering any form of negotiation. However, observers say the detailed dossier on Trump’s mind and instincts garnered over the past three months is a different ball game entirely. Former lawmaker Sergie Markov, who remains well-connected to Moscow, says the Putin government is concerned over the incessant battles the U.S. president continues to have with the press and intelligence community.

U.S. intelligence agencies have insisted that Russia played a strong role in sabotaging the U.S. election process. They have not discovered any evidence to that effect, but insinuate that the move helped Trump to win the White House. According to a source, the intelligence community believes with “a high level of confidence” that Putin was behind a “campaign of influence.”

Additionally, the ties of the Kremlin and the White House have also refused to go away. Recently, it ramped up when Mike Flynn resigned from his position as national security adviser after admitting that he misled Vice President Pence and other senior administration officials about a meeting with the Russian ambassador to the United States last year.

Markov, speaking to New York Daily News, believes hardliners in the military and U.S. Congress are out to impede President Trump even as he pursues better relations with Russia. Markov described the American president as “dancing on thin ice” and playing a “risky game,” adding that America’s intelligence services wanted to “overthrow President Trump in a coup.”

The former lawmaker revealed that Russia celebrated when Trump won the elections in November. However, according to him, the mood has since changed because there is now high doubt that he cannot deliver a cordial relationship between the world powers.

President Trump drew displeasure during his campaign as he praised Putin as a strong leader, adding that he was even more globally respected than former President Barack Obama. Trump has refused to accept the U.S. intelligence verdict that Russia interfered with the U.S. elections. Moreover, at least three Trump former aides remain under scrutiny for their purported ties with Moscow.

Word of a mental health dossier on the 45th president of the United States comes less than a week after his press conference at the White House. The fiery arguments between the president and reporters again prompted mental health professionals and Democrats to question his psychological fitness for office.

A New York psychologist, John Gartner, spearheaded a petition against the billionaire president pointing out that he suffered from “malignant narcissism,” as of the time of this report more than 26,000 mental health professionals agreed with the assessment.

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