Jan Moir Reveals Angelina Jolie’s Dark Side, Is She Against Her?

Known for writing below-the-belt remarks and harsh comments on a number of famous celebs, Jan Moir fuels rumors on Angelina Jolie’s dark side in her recent article released by Daily Mail. Jan wrote against the well-known actress asking the question for the readers to answer, “should Angelina Jolie be idolized?”

Who is Jan Moir?

Jan Moir currently works for the Daily Mail as a British newspaper columnist, having previously worked for The Daily Telegraph and The Observer newspapers. She has won several awards in the journalism industry such as the “Lynda Lee-Potter award” for the outstanding woman journalist of the year and the British Press Awards “Interviewer of the Year” to name a few.

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If some are known for having a harsh tongue, then Jan is someone who has a harsh mind. She is recognized for not sugarcoating her words and firing her blow on someone popular. Remember, that comment she made against Katherine Jenkins of being a fame-hungry attention seeker for wearing makeup while running in the London Marathon or calling the Dutch Cyclist Marianne Vos “some b**ch from Holland”? This woman is not someone that you should deal with so easily unless you want to get some third-degree burn from her.

Recently, she has come under fire for Angelina Jolie’s supposedly angelic attitude and the BBC News’ lack of an outstanding interview with the actress.

BBC’s not so spectacular interview with Angelina Jolie, says Jan Moir

BBC News journalist Yalda Hakim had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Angelina Jolie in a forest clearing in Cambodia and their meeting will be aired on Sunday’s News At Ten. The two women were barefooted as they sat cross-legged on a mattress, facing each other—not like any typical interview scene.

Miss Hakim opened their discussion with Angelina’s new movie, First They Killed My Father, the first film the Hollywood star directed which is all about child abuse and the Cambodian massacre under the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s. Jolie then focused on her humanitarian vows and her concern for every individual’s welfare suffering from the cruelties of the world.

“I value human life, equally. Every single individual life,” she said in the interview.

In the Daily Mail article, Jan Moir used Angelina’s statement above to point out her sour relationship with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Jan wrote that Angelina’s words were “snide, richly camouflaged but glancing blows which Miss Jolie landed on him during the interview.”

The mother-of-six then told Hakim about her publicized divorce and tearfully added that she hopes for a stronger family despite the split. After that, the interview changes topic and focuses on Jolie’s routine in the morning.

Jan Moir explicitly wrote that the interview should have just stuck with the “divorce” topic and not strayed elsewhere. The columnist mentioned that she didn’t actually blame Hakim’s lack of putting on a worthwhile interview because that attitude is “reflective of a Corporation-wide feebleness about mega-celebrities in general.” In simple words, she means that journalists are star struck when faced with highly-known celebrities. And that standards and protocol are not followed when it comes to meeting the famous.

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Putting on a show

Jan gave us a new side of Angelina Jolie as she tackles in on her humanitarian work, hinting that it might all be for show as her acting career goes downhill and playing as a “victim” following the divorce. Although Jolie has done some good for the world, Jan left us a rhetorical question, “does she really deserve such worship?”

The lengthy article ended with a meaningful conclusion—BBC delivers”tightly controlled interviews that put Angelina front and center as the good one…And that’s not news, it’s propaganda.”

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