WWE News: The Rock Calls CM Punk In The Ring After ‘Raw’ Goes Off The Air

Tonight, Monday Night Raw took place from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and there was plenty of action to help build up Fastlane and WrestleMania 33. Still, the biggest happenings took place when the official cameras stopped rolling. After it was over, The Rock appeared to the crowd and began filming the movie about WWE superstar Paige’s life, and that is when the legend decided to call CM Punk in the ring.

As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, The Rock was in attendance at Raw this evening, but he didn’t end up coming out on camera. No, he wasn’t featured in the show because he is far too busy making movies and doing other important things to start a wrestling feud at this time.

Still, he always has time to make the fans happy and that is what he did before the night ended.

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The Rock went out to the ring after the main event was over and Dwayne Johnson begin filming a scene for Fighting With My Family which focuses on Paige’s life. The scene was one where Paige defeated AJ Lee, and the match needed to be recreated.

Seeing as how this scene involved Punk’s real-life wife and former WWE superstar AJ Lee, it caused the crowd in attendance to break out into a “CM Punk” chant, according to ComicBook.

Well, if you give Dwayne Johnson something to work with, he’s going to take that opportunity to make the fans happy. As soon as the fans started chanting for CM Punk, Johnson thought it was necessary to call him in the ring.

Now, everyone knows that CM Punk isn’t a part of WWE anymore and they also knew that he wasn’t there at the Staples Center tonight. Still, it didn’t stop Johnson from taking out his cell phone and literally trying to call him on his cell phone for the crowd in attendance.

Sadly, CM Punk did not end up answering his phone so the crowd didn’t get a chance to see or hear The Rock and his former enemy face off verbally. According to Heavy, Johnson did end up leaving a voicemail for the now-UFC fighter, though, and it is classic.

“Hey Punk…it’s Rock. This is not a joke. I’m literally calling you from the middle of the Staples Center. They are chanting your name.”

After that, Johnson attempted to call Punk on Facetime, but the poor WiFi in the building wouldn’t allow the call to go through. Poor connectivity deprived those in the Staples Center of what could have been one of the best interactions ever.

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Now, it does seem as if Punk tried to call back his longtime enemy and friend, but it was already too late.

For now, the world will have to do without Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or CM Punk in a WWE ring together or against anyone. Maybe, the two of them will be back one day, and they can have another match against one another.

If not, there are still plenty of movies to come from “The Great One” and CM Punk looking to get his UFC career off the ground.

The Rock may not have wrestled tonight or even did anything officially with WWE for Monday Night Raw or WrestleMania 33 or anything, but it was still an epic evening. The fans loved every minute of it and he still entertains like no other. The Rock filming Fighting With My Family about Paige’s life and giving a short promo and then calling CM Punk in the ring on Facetime just gave the crowd a little extra something great to take home.

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