WWE News: The Real Reason The Rock Is At ‘Raw’ Tonight – Will He Be On The Show?

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is one that is looking to be quite the show with two giants colliding, a number one contender match, and the continuing rampage of Samoa Joe. Still, there was some news that came about on Monday that revealed Dwayne Johnson, The Rock himself, would be in Los Angeles for Raw. Is he going to appear on camera, though, and is he making his return? The real reason The Rock will be there has been revealed.

Early on Monday afternoon, an interesting tweet was sent out by The Rock as he revealed he would be in Los Angeles tonight, and that just happens to be where Monday Night Raw is taking place. In that tweet, he also revealed that he’d actually be at Raw, but he had a lot more work in store than starting a new feud.

Of course, rumors started running wild at that point and fans began thinking that he or Paige would actually return to WWE and start something up in time for WrestleMania 33. No one really knows if he will show up on the show, but anything is possible to happen.

Sports Keeda revealed that Fighting With My Family, the movie based on WWE superstar Paige’s life and wrestling family, will film scenes tonight at the Staples Center. The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions is teaming up with WWE Studios for the film, and scenes are set to be filmed after Raw goes off the air.

Dwayne Johnson has been extremely busy working on the production and training for the film. He has been keeping fans updated and even posted a pic of him in the ring with Thea Trinidad and indie star Tessa Blanchard. It is known that Blanchard will be working on stunts and ring work for Florence Pugh, the actress portraying Paige.

Production on the film has already started and that is why there will be filming done this evening after Raw. Again, there is no word on whether The Rock will appear for the wrestling giant tonight before filming starts and be a part of Team Red’s episode, but only time will tell.

Earlier in the day, Johnson posted another pic on his Instagram which showed him speaking with director/writer Stephen Merchant and Pugh. Wrestling fans will be impressed already as it is obvious that Pugh has taken on the full look of Paige and it fits her quite well.

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Due to injuries and other such things, Paige has not been on camera for some time.

Fox Sports is reporting that nothing is a certainty, but they have the idea that if The Rock is in the building, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to appear on camera for WWE. With Fastlane coming up and WrestleMania 33 right around the corner, even a five-minute promo by Dwayne Johnson could do a lot for ratings.

There had been talk last year that Johnson would have a match at this year’s big pay-per-view, but it just wasn’t a possibility. With him doing so many movies and having projects one after another, he simply couldn’t find the time to return to the ring.

Along with Pugh, Fighting With My Family will also star Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn as other members of Paige’s life.

UPDATE at 9:30 p.m. Eastern – Some fans have tweeted out that The Rock did show up before Monday Night Raw ever officially started. He came out, greeted the crowd, and let them know they would be filming later on that night. Rock took shots at John Cena in a joking fahsion and Vince McMahon even came out to “fire” the former world champion.

The Rock is a great talent in the ring and on the big screen, but his primary focus now in life is making movies. He’s not done wrestling and will likely be back for another match or two in the future, but his schedule doesn’t really make it possible at this point in time. His appearance tonight at Monday Night Raw may result in an on-camera promo, but he isn’t returning for WrestleMania 33 as he is too busy with the movie about Paige’s family and other ventures.

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