Megan McKenna Deals With Bullying Trolls After Having An Ugly Brawl On Twitter

Megan McKenna hits back at bullying trolls after she was forced to deny that she has six toes in a recently uploaded snap. The picture shows Megan posing in a sultry shot, but fans and trolls weren’t impressed by the photo as they were distracted by a weird angle on her foot creating an illusion of six toes. The seemingly sexy photo created an ugly brawl with Megan defending herself from rumors of having an extra body part.

One, two, three, four, five…six

The brunette beauty was bullied after she shared a photo of herself last Sunday on Twitter. In the controversial snapshot, Megan wore a pink camisole with a plunging neckline giving us an eye-popping display of her cleavage. She paired her top with black lace up high-waisted jeans and added an edgy biker jacket with spikes. She was sitting on top of a couch with a pair of sunglasses in her left hand.

Laser-eye trolls were quick to notice her barefooted left feet, pointing out that she had six toes. One user wrote, “Why do you have 6 toes on this image?” and another commented, “What is wrong with your foot?”

In response to the absurd comments, the TOWIE star re-uploaded the picture with her foot cropped out and tweeted, “It’s called a weird angle…now go back to school kids.”

However, this only seemed to trigger the growing number of trolls who dig up old photos with the reality star having an extra toe.

Megan McKenna ugly brawl on Twitter

There’s another one!

They were successful in their quest as they trolled another bizarre photo of Megan allegedly having six digits. In a festive getaway to Dubai, a stunning image of the star drawing back her thigh-high slit to reveal to her incredible legs trended once again. Megan wore silver flip-flops and upon closer inspection, it seemed that Megan had an extra toe.

The “toe” issue created an ugly brawl on Twitter which ended with Megan angrily posting that she has exactly five toes and that the bullying needs to stop.

“Just to clarify to you stupid idiots. I have 5 toes on each foot. It’s actually so sad that people troll me so much. And make me feel the need to delete photos and get upset over stuff. When an angle can look weird and make it look different. You can all clearly see that my feet are normal. So f**k you to the pr***s who have been bullying me online and finding my number through people and getting hate mail over something so f****** small and childish. I had to do a post which I didn’t wanna do. But this is how you have all made me feel. Thanks,” her post on Twitter read.

Her army to the rescue!

Luckily, the brunette had numerous loyal fans to her side as they defended the star from bullying trolls and bashers. One follower proved the critics wrong as she shared an old picture of Megan getting a pedicure done and showing five toes. A social media user tweeted, “You can educate pork darling! If idiots can’t count it’s their problem. Ignore the haters, your true supporters love ya xx” while another fan wrote, “I’ve literally looked at all her photos I don’t see an extra toe? I’m so confused?” alongside a laughing emoticon.

Guys, what’s the fuss all about? It’s obviously just a weird angle and nothing more. Sigh, the lives of the rich and famous.

Last month, Megan McKenna was forced to hit back at online trolls following the abuses and backlash she received from her social media account after having a rough argument with her boyfriend, Pete Wicks at the National Television Awards.

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]