How Many Things Can Dakota Johnson Fit In Her Gap Teeth? [Video]

Dakota Johnson recently shared her secret talent, and no, it's not anything that involves more black lace, horse crop, or tight-fitting velvet. Adorably enough, it is something that has to do with her gap teeth.

Johnson has been primarily known for portraying Anastasia Steele, the love interest of Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades saga. She has already garnered a healthy mixture of reactions for her acting chops; unsurprising for performing in a film series that hold the potential to be explicitly taboo.

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan attending the UK Premiere of 'Fifty Shades Darker'
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan attend the UK Premiere of 'Fifty Shades Darker' [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]

However, in a refreshing change of vibe, Dakota Johnson surprised fans as she showed a lighter side of her in a recent video.

The video was for Vanity Fair's mini-series called Secret Talent Theatre. It involves, as you may have guessed, celebrities demonstrating weird, out-of-place "talents" that would not have been known to the rest of the world otherwise.

Fifty Shades Darker Star Dakota Johnson Shows Off Weird "Secret Skill"

"I'm Dakota Johnson," the actress said as the video starts. She then reveals her "secret skill" by saying that she is going to demonstrate how many things she can fit inside her gap teeth.

On the circular table in front of her was an assortment of baubles that she tried to fit in the gap between her teeth, one by one. Among the first to go were what appears to be a plastic card holder and a USB wire for a phone charger. There was a toothpick and a credit card, too, both of which fit and held.

Dakota Johnson shows off her weird skill for Vanity Fair
Dakota Johnson reveals her weird skill for Vanity Fair. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

And if you still think that none of these were even remotely entertaining (albeit ridiculous), Dakota Johnson then asks how much money she can fit in her mouth. The answer? $1,100.

Her father, who was with her in the studio, was proud. "What a great skill. I think you can go far with that," her dad jokingly remarked.

Johnson's favorite, however, has got to be the cherry stem. She expressed a light "Oh yeah," as she found out that it not only fits, but "fits like a glove, like they were made for each other."

This and many more light-hearted moments from celebrities is what Secret Talent Theatre is all about, and actually, this one with Dakota Johnson can still be considered as somewhat tame. The talents featured range from fairly common, like Amy Adams teaching people how to throw a football, to wildly out there, like Janelle Monaé trying to tie a Windsor knot while impersonating a lost puppy. It's fascinating, really.

Dakota Johnson Says Acting in Fifty Shades Darker is Easier

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson's main gig remains as one of the most popular movies of the year. In a recent interview with Kjersti Flaa, she revealed that acting in Fifty Shades Darker was not as difficult as it was on the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.

She said that it is "a lot more comfortable," and one of the biggest reasons is that she and co-star Jamie Dornan are "so close now."

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan at the Premiere of Fifty Shades Darker
Dakota Johnson says she and Jamie Dornan are now 'so close.' [Image by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]

Dakota Johnson also stated that she plays Anastasia Steele in the hopes that the movies could teach women to respect themselves. She loved doing the films as she believes it could lead young women to a sort of self-discovery; to discover "who they are, emotionally and sexually, without inhibition."

However, she said that watching the film herself has always been a bizarre experience for her. She admitted that she cannot watch it objectively; that she tends to be "too critical."

"I'm not good at watching my own work. I can't see the story as a linear story at all," Johnson said.

[Featured Image by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]