Hints Start To Come Out Vanessa Grimaldi Could Be The One Nick Viall Picks

The Bachelor 2017 is getting pretty good, and now Nick Viall is down to just four girls. It is hard to tell who he picks, but The Bachelor already spoiled that Rachel Lindsay won’t be the one that wins. She will actually be handing out roses as The Bachelorette. This leaves him with Corinne, Raven, and Vanessa. Bustle shared that there are a lot of things coming out that make it look like Vanessa Grimaldi might be the one he picks in the end.

One thing that has happened in the past is contestants have spoiled who wins on social networks. Vanessa Grimaldi is hardly posting on hers at all, which is actually a clue. The other girls that are still around have been doing a lot of posts with each other and promoting themselves. Vanessa could be staying off social networks because she doesn’t want to make a mistake. The posts that she has been doing show Nick in them like she wants to promote their relationship.

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi already did one thing that fans think might have been a spoiler. The Inquisitr shared about how Vanessa and Nick both shared photos on SnapChat that looked like they were with each other. They both posted photos on an orange couch that looks a lot alike. This is not the kind of couch that you will just find anywhere that is for sure.

Romper also shared a few clues that Vanessa Grimaldi might be the one that he chooses in the end. Vanessa already told Nick she was falling in love with him, but Nick didn’t say it back. He might be waiting to do this until he knows who the final girl is going to be. One hint is a clip that Vanessa posted on Instagram. A lot of people have watched this clip over and over again, and it looks like Vanessa might just have a ring on her left ring finger. If she does, she doesn’t show it all off, but it was enough people think they saw something. She could just be wearing a ring on her finger that isn’t a big Neil Lane engagement ring.

One other thing is that Vanessa Grimaldi posted a picture on Instagram that it is obvious she took during a video call with someone. This might have been with Nick considering that they don’t live near each other right now. She has also been traveling a lot since she got done filming The Bachelor. This could possibly be to meet up with Nick at secret locations and spend time together.

Everyone is going to have to wait to see if Nick Viall ends up picking Vanessa Grimaldi at the end of the show. As of right now, Nick is really into her, but there are also two other girls that he could pick in the end. The fans are just going to have to wait a bit and see how it all plays out for Nick and Vanessa. The viewers are just a few short weeks from finding out his final decision and if Nick is engaged or ends up alone.

Do you feel like Vanessa Grimaldi is the one who Nick Viall picks in the end? Do you think that they are a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Vanessa Grimaldi/Instagram]