Tom Schwartz Slams Kristen Doute’s Boyfriend, Denies Claims He Cheated On Katie

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are going strong and now married, but on the current episode of Vanderpump Rules, they are getting ready for their big day. Us Magazine shared that Tom is going to go head to head with Kristen Doute’s boyfriend Carter tonight as Carter does everything he can to try to get Schwartz to admit to cheating on Katie in Las Vegas.

In this preview, Schwartz and Tom Sandoval both are in the hallway arguing with Carter. He is slowly working his way into the group since he is dating Kristen Doute. Carter just wants Schwartz to admit that two years ago he cheated on Katie while in Las Vegas. Of course, this doesn’t go over well at all and Tom Schwartz is extremely upset about it all. Schwartz has admitted that he kissed the woman, but has always said that is as far as it went.

Tom and Carter are seen screaming at each other. Here is how it goes down. Tom says, “You’re f–king goddamn right I made out with her. Yes, I made out with that chick.”

Carter replies, “And you didn’t f–k her, right?” Then Schwartz says, “I did not!” He is still not admitting to cheating on Katie at all besides the kiss he already admitted to a long time ago.

Then Tom gets upset with Kristen for spreading these rumors, but Katie doesn’t get why he is mad. She defends Kristen saying she was downstairs the entire time. Of course, you know that Carter had to hear it all from Kristen in the first place, though. Then Kristen does get into the argument and talks to Scheana Marie and Ariana about it saying, “Katie on her own decided, ‘This is why I’m so f–king angry, and he never admitted, he never acknowledged that he f–ked this girl. I’ve already forgiven him, but I need hm to say it.”

Ariana thinks that Katie and Tom need to work out this issue before the end up getting married. Of course, the fans know that Katie and Tom Schwartz do tie the knot eventually. You will get to see it all go down on Vanderpump Rules this season.

A lot of this season of Vanderpump Rules is about Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz getting married. Bravo recently shared that Schwartz is speaking out about why they decided to get a prenup, even though neither one of them really has any money or property at this time. Tom explained on Watch What Happens Live that he just felt like getting a prenup was the right thing to do. He thinks everyone should do it and he was being responsible. Tom Schwartz also shared that Katie has been doing better about going wild when she becomes Tequila Katie. He said, “I think she’s got it under control. But really, she’s shown restraint. She’s reformed. She’s come a long way. She’s self-aware now, and her inner light is shining. The darkness has gone light.” He is really happy with the married life.

Are you shocked to see that Tom Schwartz and Carter get into this fight tonight? Do you think that Tom actually slept with the woman in Las Vegas? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo. Tonight is when viewers will get to see the big fight go down between Tom and Carter.

[Featured Image By Rachel Murray/Getty Images for OK! Magazine]