‘RHOA’ Kandi Burruss Claims Porsha Williams Offered Oral Sex And Kissed Her

Kandi Burruss revealed that she hooked up with Porsha Williams, who kissed her and even offered to perform oral sex on Burruss.

Secrets were spilled on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi Burruss claims that she and Porsha Williams had once hooked up, according to the Daily Mail.


Porsha, 35, upset Kandi, 40, after she spread rumors that she was a secret lesbian who was “trapped” in the closet. Kandi later admitted it was no secret and that she had definitely
“hooked up with a chick before,” even claiming that her “accuser” Porsha was one of those women.

The gossip that Porsha Williams created ignited a big fight between the ladies on a camping trip during the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi insisted that she was only angry because Porsha came on to her one night at a late night club and even allowed Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker to get involved.

“I’ve had my own experience with her.”

Todd jumped in saying that he “was there” while making hand motions gesturing that he had grabbed her breasts.


“She was in front of me, he was behind me. She kissed me — there was tongue. And then she told me she wanted to eat my p***y until I came.”

The reality star said that a woman who had never been with another woman before would not say something like that.

“A person who is not new to being with another woman! A regular chick who’s just tried it one time just wouldn’t say something like that.”

Nevertheless, Burruss called the night “fun” and said that the ladies’ “shared secret” made it all the more shocking to her that Porsha would gossip about her behind her back.

“It’s like, she and I have shared a secret that nobody else knew… but you only wanna tell one part of the secret here.”

Kandi insisted that she had never tried to hide her bisexual tendencies.

“Child, there ain’t nothing about me in the closet, honey.”

The ladies had lunch later on in the episode to hash out their grievances.


“At the end of the day, it ain’t no secret. I’ve hooked up with a chick before.”

Instead, she told Porsha that she was the one living her life in secret.

“It ain’t never been a secret. I don’t live my life like that. You do. In secret.”


However, Porsha Williams insisted that her situation was different.

“If I’m single and that’s what I choose to do that’s one thing, but if I’m married and I choose to bring other women and flip-flop them in my bed like pancakes, that’s something totally different.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star claimed that she and her husband have only had “one experience” where they’ve done “that.”

“If I’m with my husband and we decide to hook up then that’s fine.”


Kandi then confronted her co-star, repeating exactly what she had allegedly said to her at the nightclub, offering to perform oral sex on her.

Porsha appeared disgusted as she screamed, “I don’t want to eat your motherf***ing p***y!”


But Kandi jumped back and said that she “tongue kissed” her in the mouth and told her that she wanted to “eat” her until she “came.”

Porshaslammed her down, calling it a “lie” and then claimed that Kandi had a sex dungeon in her house, had a secret seven-year relationship with a woman, and slept with “all these R&B groups.”


Porsha continued on her bizarre rant, insisting that Kandi’s husband, Todd, was cheating on her with a number of women in different states, even telling her that he used the alias Marvin to hide his true identity.

“Your house is the international house of h**s and you know it.”

Burruss said that she did not have a sex dungeon in her home but if she had, she would “tell everybody” because she thinks “it is actually cool.”


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