Tiffany Durst, Terence George: ‘Fatal Attraction’ — Thugs Killed Aurora Couple

Last night’s disturbing case, which aired on TV One’s Fatal Attraction, is like an eerie mystery straight out of the book of evil. It pertained to the gruesome double murder of Aurora, Colorado, couple Tiffany Durst and her boyfriend, Terence George. Detectives say Terence was murdered in his apartment, while his girlfriend, Tiffany, who went missing, was later discovered dead in a field.

On the Fatal Attraction episode titled “Killer or Victim,” law enforcement investigators weaved the dramatic tale for the viewers. What stands out about this story is that the police were on the trail of the victim, who was at first thought to be the killer.

Aurora Couple Found Dead

It was unlike 21-year-old Tiffany Durst to lose contact and communication with her family. When she did, concerned relatives dispatched police to the East Kepner Place apartment for a welfare check. When detectives arrived, they didn’t find anything out of the ordinary at first. However, things took a different turn after police returned to the same apartment two days later because the tenant manager had found a dead body inside.

Tiffany’s vehicle was also later located, but still there were no signs leading to her whereabouts, according to the Denver Post.

When they arrived the second time, apartment managers told detectives that a black male was dead inside. It appeared that he had been shot in the head. The body belonged to 22-year-old Terence George, Tiffany Durst’s boyfriend.

Missing Girlfriend: Killer Or Victim?

Detectives were baffled because Tiffany Durst was still missing. At first, she seemed like a likely suspect in the murder of her boyfriend. But the investigation shifted after her body was found badly decomposed months later, Denver ABC-7 reported.

“Tiffany Durst was last seen four days before the call. First Durst’s car was found in the 3400 block of North Forest Street. Then, on April 7, the clothed body of a woman was found facedown near a trail along the Cherry Creek spillway. The body was in a fenced-off area that is not easily accessible.”

Just days after seeing Tiffany, crushed family members were in disbelief regarding what had actually befallen her.

The investigation finally revealed that the couple’s death was all apart of a plot to hide a robbery that had taken place years earlier — a robbery in which Terrence McNeal believed Tiffany, his ex-girlfriend, would implicate him.

Afraid that she would tell police everything, Terrence McNeal, along with two other people — Janelle Harris and Tiera Homes — kidnapped Tiffany, took her out to a remote field, then strangled her to death before discarding the body.

Then, as if one dead body wasn’t enough, Terrence McNeal and his deadly women waited for Terence George to arrive home. Then they shot him to death.

Terence George’s parents, who appeared on Fatal Attraction, said they were in disbelief that their son, who was a kind and loving man, would be ambushed in such a brutal way.

Janelle Harris and Tiera Homes ending up confessing to the murders. Janelle Harris was sentenced to life with no chance of parole. Tiera Homes was sentenced to 32 years, and Terrence McNeal, the mastermind in the case, was sentenced to life without parole.

In addition to Fatal Attraction, the murder of Tiffany Durst and Terence George was also profiled on Nightmare Next Door and Dead of Night on Investigation Discovery.

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