Dares Lead To Robbery And A Bucket Of Urine [Video]

Dares have a long tradition of causing trouble. Andrew Robert Wilkinson is charged with aggravated robbery in Hamilton District Court for helping rob a dairy of cigarettes and cash. In this case, the man claims he committed robbery because of a little dare.

According to the Waikato Times, the dare arose out of a drinking and pool playing session in a garage. They egged each other on to take a broken beer bottle and demand cigarettes from a shop owner. The dare pair escaped with $139.50 worth of Port Royal tobacco but were caught by police shortly later.

Mr. Wilinson’s defense had this to say about the 21-year-old, who otherwise has a clean record:

“The weapon was a beer bottle, the item the co-offender was drinking out of. It wasn’t a great plan, not premeditated … it was more of a dare and stupidity situation.”

Judge Philip Connell had this to say about the stupid dare:

“You were just a hooded crook when you turned up demanding cash … and it’s hard to see why anybody should be offering you any consideration or sympathy.”

However, the judge decided to take into account the previously unblemished record. Instead of sending Wilkinson packing to jail, the judge handed down a 10 months home detention sentence. “But if you slip up or make no effort, then I will know. I will get a report as to how you progress and it better be a good one to stop me from getting you back in here,” the judge warned.

Another dare has the police in trouble. According to Cleveland.com, an off-duty Ohio patrolman along with nine of his buddies were disciplined after dunking his head in a bucket of urine. The bucket of urine dare won the Patrolman $450 while at a football game. Police department officials were not amused by the dare and gave one-day suspension to the patrolman along with written reprimands to his buddies.

For those more easily amused, here is the bucket of urine dare in all its glory:


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