‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Vanessa Grimaldi Sheds Tears During Hometown Date

In The Bachelor 2017 spoilers for Episode 8, Vanessa Grimaldi sheds tears during her hometown date with Nick Viall.

Life & Style reports that Nick visits Vanessa and her family in Montreal, Canada, on Episode 8 airing Monday night. Vanessa will become emotional over the hometown visit as revealed in her confessional fans will see on The Bachelor.

It’s important to Vanessa Grimaldi that her family approve of Nick Viall before moving forward with him. In last week’s episode, Vanessa let Nick know she’s falling love with him and that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to compete with them for his affections.

Nick and me in Bimini (say that really fast 6 times) ???????????????? #rhymingisfun

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In her confessional, Grimaldi shares with viewers that it’s been years since she was in a meaningful relationship and brought someone home to meet her family.

“I haven’t brought anyone home in the last three years, since my last significant relationship. That was a really hard breakup for me, and it was probably just as tough on my family seeing me go through what I went through.

“I’m very excited to see how — and what — my family’s gonna think of Nick, and I’m just as excited to see how Nick is gonna react to a room filled with 15 loud Italian people. I hope Nick is going to be able to handle all this, it is a lot.”

The preview for Vanessa Grimaldi’s hometown date is seen below. She’s seen telling Nick how to greet her family in French before they enter the house where everyone is eager to welcome them.

There have been plenty of tears up to this point on The Bachelor 2017 season, mainly from Nick Viall himself during setbacks of confusion and the fear of possibly not finding love a fourth time within the reality show franchise. He was straightforward with the contestants if they professed their love, sending them home because his feelings weren’t mutual. The purge was beginning to alarm Nick, his confidence in finding love being chipped away at when he found himself cutting so many women out of the equation.

The Bachelor 2017 spoilers for hometown dates consist of semi-finalists Corinne Olympios, Raven Gates, and Rachel Lindsay.

According to additional spoilers for The Bachelor 2017, the final three for overnight dates will come down to Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, and Vanessa Grimaldi. Yes, that means the show’s “villain,” Corinne, will finally be eliminated. She’s worked hard to go as far as she has in the show, satisfied in her keeping Nick’s attention by being sexually aggressive. As for the finale episode, the final two will be Raven and Vanessa, with Nick proposing to Vanessa.

Vanessa Grimaldi is a special needs teacher in Montreal and reports reveal that although she and Nick Viall are still together, things are rough between them. Reality Steve says doom has been spelled out for these two since they aren’t agreeing on where to live for starters. Grimaldi has strong ties in Canada with her family and career while Viall is in the midst of purportedly pursuing a Hollywood career.

A few weeks ago, Vanessa posted a photo of her back at work teaching, a clear sign she’s not in LA where Nick lives. There was buzz going around that they were recently together when the two were photographed solo sitting on what appeared to be the same sofa.

It won’t be much longer until fans see Nick propose to Vanessa Grimaldi in the finale episode.

Episode 8 of The Bachelor 2017 airs on Monday, February 20 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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