NBA Trade Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Nab Lou Williams From The Lakers

The NBA Trade deadline is about to reach a boiling point, and one team that most likely will be quiet this time of the year are the league-leading Golden State Warriors. But it might be a bit of a surprise that there are still moves that the Warriors could do which will make their already formidable lineup even better.

According to Hoops Habit, the Golden State Warriors could give their bench a major lift by acquiring Lou Williams from the Los Angeles Lakers. In return, the Lakers will get Shaun Livingston and a 2019 first-round pick.

This is a good move for both teams as the Los Angeles Lakers can continue getting younger by getting another first-round pick for the future while absorbing Livingston’s expiring contract. The Golden State Warriors, on the other hand, will get a steal by acquiring the low salary of Lou Williams and further cementing their championship chances for the next few years.

Lou Williams will fill up a hole that is considered a small chink in the armor of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors currently have the best starting five in the league today, however, they also have one of the thinnest benches. Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala are getting up there in age and have become less and less productive as the years go by.

Lou Williams will only have one job for the Golden State Warriors and that is to bring his scoring prowess every time Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson need a breather. Lou Williams has an uncanny ability to create his own shots off isolation plays which will benefit the woeful Warriors’ bench. Lou Williams is instant offense and is an asset if the Golden State Warriors don’t want a repeat of their disastrous NBA campaign last season.

Fans might remember that the Warriors famously blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only that, but the Golden State Warriors also nabbed the hallowed regular season record from the Chicago Bulls which made the Finals’ collapse that much more epic. A lot of people speculated that chasing this record might have weighed heavily on the Warriors who started looking worse for wear when the postseason began.

Getting someone like Lou Williams will give the Golden State Warriors starting five plenty of rest. They will definitely need this as the Cavaliers are starting to make some roster moves of their own. The Golden State Warriors are also ailing as of late. Javale Mcgee is now their starting center because of injuries to Zaza Pachulia and David West. The Golden State Warriors are risking huffing and puffing their way to the playoffs and another massive collapse.

Lou Williams is not known to be a big time defender but his scoring is something that will be a big boost to a championship team like the Warriors. He can also shoot the ball well from the perimeter which is something that will fit quite nicely with the Golden State Warriors rotation. Lou Williams can also help the Warriors in terms of unloading some burden, especially now that they are losing a lot of their big men.

Per Bleacher Report, DeMarcus Cousins is now joining Anthony Davis in a massive shocker. This formidable lineup could be a good antidote to the small ball that the Golden State Warriors has mastered. The Warriors might need to retool their bench quite a bit to keep pace to some of these teams that are hell-bent on topping them. Lou Williams could be the answer for Golden State to become the dynasty they set out to be.

[Featured Image by Alex Gallardo/AP Images]