Republican Senator Lindsey Graham Goes After Donald Trump

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has been one of two Republican Senators that have been the most outspoken opponents of current republican president, Donald Trump, since he won the election back in November 2016. Before then, Donald Trump had a whole host of republican opponents who were highly vocal against his campaign rhetoric and many campaign blunders that seemed to alienate conservative voters from the very onset of the 2016 primaries.

While most republican politicians have fallen in line with Donald Trump since his inauguration, Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain have done the exact opposite of that and refused to allow Trump the latitude he needs to push his extremely controversial agenda as the American president. That included both senators showing public dismay for his controversial executive order that was essentially a ban on several Muslim countries from traveling to the United States.

Both Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain seemed to be working cohesively during that incident, but they have also been featured on separate media interviews lately where they have once again spoken out against Donald Trump, this time about his war with the media and the way he rallies his supporters to classify many proven media news outlets as “fake news,” according to a report on Politico.

That list of news outlets that Donald Trump has attacked includes CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and MSNBC. But when Lindsey Graham went on Face the Nation on CBS, he gave an alternative view of what Donald Trump’s agenda looks like and how it has played out historically.

When speaking about the free press and the rights of the free press in America, Lindsey Graham told Face the Nation on Sunday that it is “worth fighting and dying for.” But Graham also seemed to fine-tune his answer that appeared to be toeing the party line, in some way.

“When it comes to Trump, you’re (the media) over the top. You’re acting more like an opposition party. Every president’s had problems with the press. You need to do your job,” Lindsey Graham told Face the Nation Sunday. “But from a Republican point of view, I think the coverage against President Trump has been almost to the point of being hysterical and ya’ll need to do some self-evaluation.”

With his statements about the press, Lindsey Graham also had a different point of view in just how Donald Trump is handling the Russia scandal, which has already led to the resignation of one of his top National Security Advisors, Michael Flynn, and will likely yield some investigations in the near future about the relationship that Donald Trump and his campaign had with Russia while on the campaign trail.

There could also be some serious inquires into whether or not Russia has an official dossier on Donald Trump that could lead to situations where blackmail could be used to achieve outcomes that turn out to be in the best interest of Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin.

But it is pretty clear at this point that Lindsey Graham does not believe that Donald Trump has been forthcoming about his prior relationship with Russia and that Trump also will not do or say anything that will in some way disparage Vladimir Putin, or Russia. Of course, the entire American public has seen Donald Trump disparage and belittle American politicians on both sides of the aisle, which clearly indicates that he will go to any extreme to achieve his agenda.

It is unclear at this time if Lindsey Graham and John McCain intend to take matters further than just the everyday media comments and subsequent interviews that speak out against Donald Trump. But John McCain was also on Meet The Press on Sunday morning and spoke with the same narrative viewers heard from Lindsey Graham.

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