Wrestling Rumors: TNA Impact Offers Huge Contract To Which Former World Champ?

Wrestling rumors are circulating that TNA Wrestling has offered a massive contract to one of its popular former World champions to return to competition on Impact each week.

The company, according to reports by the Wrestling Observer, per Wrestling Inc., has reached out to Nick “Magnus” Aldis. This popular British star — and husband to recent WWE returnee Mickie James — wrestled for TNA between 2008 and 2015.


The 30-year-old Magnus — who also held the TNA World title in 2013 and 2014 — has been very critcal of the promotion’s previous direction under former President Dixie Carter.

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Nevertheless, if the wrestling rumors of a reunion between TNA and Aldis are true, the move would have to be considered a coup for the promotion as it looks to turn the corner from a series of all-too-bad miscues by those in charge.

Top among those bad decisions by TNA management would have to be letting Magnus — and other talented performers with whom he once excelled at a high level in TNA — walk away in recent years.

Sting, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and Eric Young, for example, all departed TNA amidst controversy in the past two to three years, only to land securely on their feet with new big-money contracts — and considerably higher exposure — by wrestling for WWE. Even Kurt Angle, who was once considered a bastion of all that was good with TNA wrestling after seemingly having been shunned by WWE over personal issues, recently found his way back home.

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For his own part, Magnus surprised many wrestling experts when he was not offered a similar deal to his fellow TNA alumni, nor even his wife, to bring his talent to WWE. Instead, Aldis currently wrestles for new TNA head Jeff Jarrett’s recently established Global Force Wrestling promotion, where he reigns as its Global Champion.

So, if the wrestling rumors are true, then WWE’s loss is truly TNA’s gain. After all, Magnus is widely regarded as one of the most technically savvy wrestlers in the world.

For his own part, Aldis was less-than-dismissive of his former employer upon his abrupt and unexpected departure in 2015.

“It was my decision,” said the former TNA champ at the time of his release, also per Wrestling Inc. “I had the option to end it. There was a brief conversation, it was really friendly. I think they knew how I felt, and I knew they were in a position financially where it was getting difficult for them to honor contracts like mine.”

Of course, for TNA Wrestling, rumors of financial struggles and an inability to pay its bills at times have often placed the company in a pinch.

Many, however, have expressed optimism that that difficult time in TNA’s history is behind it following the revelation of its acquisition by Aroluxe Marketing last year.

If nothing else, wrestling rumors of TNA’s recommitment to bringing top talent such as Magnus in the fold, can be seen as a very good thing.

“Not trying to disclose too much, but I got it on pretty good authority from the office that I was in the upper echelon as pay is concerned,” noted Aldis back in 2015 while also admitting that he had sort of out-grown TNA’s ability to pay him. “I always delivered everything they gave me whether I liked it or not. I knew in my gut a year ago I wasn’t going to stay.”

For his own part, Magnus seemed dismissive of the possibility of ever returning to the U.S. promotion where he first made a name for himself.

“I was on TNA when it was a crown jewel of Spike TV, and I feel like I was a pretty significant part of that,” said Aldis, according to an episode of the You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen podcast, as documented by the Inquisitr last August. “Through mismanagement and a few failed relationships along the way, it deteriorated to where it is now.”

Of course, that opinion came before the wrestling rumors of a new big-money contract being thrown his way by TNA.

Money, after all, has a way of changing things.

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