Anti-Trump ‘Not My President’s Day’ Protests For Impeachment Expected Monday

Anti-Trump activists have organized “Not My President’s Day” rallies in cities across the United States. Thousands are expected to turn out to protest for impeachment on Monday’s federal holiday.

Activists against Donald Trump have organized protests across the country including Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, in the latest round of demonstrations to oppose President Trump’s policies.

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Around 13,000 Facebook users say they plan to join the noon protest on Monday near Manhattan’s Central Park.

Nova Calise, a television production manager and one of the organizers of New York event, told USA Today that she does not accept Donald Trump as the president.

“While we acknowledge that Donald Trump holds the current title, the policies he’s trying to put in place are not the beliefs shared by the majority of the people.

“We do not accept Donald Trump as our president because he does not represent us.”

Many activists have cited Trump’s policies on abortion and immigration among the top concerns. “Not My President’s Day” organizers will include speakers like Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Sonia Ossorio, who runs the New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Activists attribute the power of social media for making “Not My President’s Day” protests a reality across the country.

Other protests include one in Los Angeles, outside of City Hall from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In Atlanta, anti-Trump organizers are planning an “ImPEACH Now” protest march.

Chicago has 3,700 people indicating on Facebook that they will join Monday’s noon rally across the Chicago River from the Trump Tower, and another 16,000 say they are interested in attending the event.

One of the Chicago anti-Trump rally organizers, business professor Laura Hartman, said that the event has an overarching theme of unity and that by “embracing a broad umbrella,” protesters will show the administration that the “numbers against it are broad.”

The people of the Washington, D.C., community will rally together on Monday to “stand in support of our brothers and sisters of different nationalities, backgrounds, races, religions, ability and sexual identity,” to show that “Donald Trump’s hate does not have a mandate anywhere, especially not in our District,” according to NBC News.

Other protesters staged marches and rallies in the days before Presidents’ Day.

In New York City, anti-Trump activists protested downtown on Saturday at Washington Square Park to hold a mock “funeral” for the presidency.

The New York Police Department declined to provide a crowd estimate, claiming it was department policy.

In Florida, Donald Trump staged his own rally for his supporters on Saturday. The president brought in roughly 9,000 people to an aircraft hangar in Melbourne.

Trump got himself into some more trouble when, during his speech, he mentioned that a terror attack had taken place in Sweden on Saturday.

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Sweden Hated Donald Trump Long Before ‘Last Night In Sweden’ Incident

Trump Cites A Fake Terror Attack? ‘Last Night In Sweden’

Thousands gathered for an Immigrants’ March from all 50 states to storm the capitol building steps in support of immigrants’ rights on Sunday in Oregon’s capitol, Salem, according to Alternet.

The Immigrants’ march was in response to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, including the “Muslim travel-ban” that keeps the people of seven predominantly Islamic countries from entering the United States.

Trump has also proposed a wall be built across the United States’ border with Mexico.

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Also on Sunday, more than 5,000 people took to the streets of Chicago for a one-month-post-inauguration protest called “Stop The Trump Agenda.”

Not My President’s Day protests and rallies are intended to resist and defy Donald Trump’s presidency and will occur throughout cities across the nation.

Here are links to Not My President’s Day event descriptions for protests in New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta.

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