‘The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons’ Episode 2308: ‘Honey, I’m Homeless’ Recap

Tonight’s The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, “Honey, I’m Homeless” wasn’t quite as exciting as last week’s San Diego throw down but it was still full of plenty of drama.

Caution: Major Spoilers.

This week featured a good old fashioned eating contest, cheekily titled, “The Hunger Games.”

Each team has to bid on how many items they can eat and whoever makes the highest bid has to make good on the promise or be put in the loser’s round.

Frank continues to be the toxic element of the San Diego team.

Seeming to almost try to rewrite history, he portrays himself as if he were a victim of his team bullying him, when last week he practically physically assaulted Sam to get her to move faster in the challenge.

The food they have to eat ranged from the simple to the nasty, from baklava and grape leaves to scarier items like cow intestines and testicles.

Brooklyn continues to dominate the challenge, winning the power team for the second week in a row. Cancun and San Diego battle it out for last place but in the end San Diego ends up losing.

Once again they have to deliberate as to which two of them will have to go into The Arena. Again, Frank continues to try to act as if he is some sort of victim this week. This entire challenge he has not only bullied his own team, but he has been a horrible person to the other teams as well.

It is now up to Brooklyn to choose which team is going to face San Diego in The Arena. They decide to play things fair and send in Cancun, a team that has never seen the inside of The Arena Challenge.

This makes for a tricky situation, not only is Zach from San Diego in a relationship with Jonna from Cancun, Jonna is actually homeless, with nowhere to go if she were to get eliminated.

Because of this, Cancun is unable to reach a decision as to which girl should go in. But surprisingly, San Diego chooses to send Sam in again, even though she already competed in The Arena last week. Even more surprising, Zach decides to go in as well, repeating the team that won for San Diego last week.

Despite CJ saying he felt more confident going in with Jonna, who is a stronger competitor, Jasmine decides she can’t risk letting her friend go home and nominates herself to represent Cancun.

This creates some cattiness in the peanut gallery, as the other girls suspect that Jonna’s situation isn’t as dire as she says it is and is only using it as an excuse to not risk going home.

It’s not that surprising that Sam is able to get past Jasmine and win Round One for San Diego. But Zach is unable to do the same and loses his battle against CJ in Round Two. He makes up for it though in the tiebreaker, finally pulling one out for the team and sending half of Cancun home.

While Cancun may not miss Jasmine, losing CJ is a serious blow for their team. What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, “Honey, I’m Homeless”? Do you think it was ridiculous for Frank to act like a victim after playing such a dirty game all season?

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