‘Pokemon GO’s New Update Changes Pokeball Throw And Curveball Physics

Jovi Figueroa - Author

Sep. 26 2020, Updated 9:07 a.m. ET

Pokemon GO’s latest update changed the Pokeball throwing mechanics, and it’s throwing trainers who have mastered curveballs off their game.

The newest Pokemon GO update has finally arrived, and it brought some very welcome additions and tweaks to the game that we have loved over the past months. Generation 2 Pokemon are here, trainer customization is upgraded, and we’re seeing more special items and content.

But not everything on that latest Pokemon GO update was warmly welcomed by all Pokemon trainers. In fact, one of the most crucial mechanics of Pokemon GO has been severely altered, and it’s throwing a lot of trainers off their usual game.

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Unlike in classic Pokemon games where you get to fight with wild Pokemon to be able to catch them, in Pokemon GO, you only need a couple of berries and great PokeBall-throwing skills to complete your Pokedex. This is why learning how to throw a PokeBall in such a way that you will land a great or excellent throw is extremely crucial in Pokemon GO since it greatly increases the chance of capturing the said wild Pokemon, and increases the XP awarded, too.

In the past months since Pokemon GO started, many a trainer have polished the way of throwing curveballs, which is a way of throwing PokeBalls in a half-circle trajectory so it hits the Pokemon with a great or excellent throw. Eurogamer, in 2016, was one of the many who learned the ways of the true Pokemon masters, and helped Pokemon GO trainers master that curveball or L throw to be able to land better throws.


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